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What to do when you have been hit with a PSYCHIC attack......

Acknowledge that it’s just energy. This is important because it shifts you out of fear or victim mentality, and into a place of discernment and personal power.

Clear your energy. Use whatever you can: burn sacred smoke, pass a selenite stick through your aura, take a salt bath, shower using baking soda instead of soap, or spray yourself with an aura clearing spray. I also find it’s helpful to clear the space I’m in, or was in, at the time I first felt the attack.

Ground your energy. When you’re grounded and centered in your body, you increase the flow of chi through your system, boost your vitality, and in turn, strengthen the natural defenses of your aura. You’re far less vulnerable when you’re grounded. Sit by a tree, go for a walk, hold grounding crystals, or do breathing exercises to bring your awareness fully into your body. Or you can try my free 5 minute meditation here.

Shield your energy. Whether you’re using crystals, oils, visualization techniques, or prayer, tuning into benevolent frequencies will help to shield your aura from psychic harm. Get my “Psychic Shield: Energy Protection for Healers & Empaths” course to learn how to do that in a practical and effective way.

Eat something! Eating food that’s healthy, fresh, and takes longer to digest (high-fiber plant-based food or meat is the best choice). This supports your level of grounding and vitality and helps the spirit to feel sustained.

Change your clothes. As soon as you can, change out of your clothes (yes right down to your underwear) and put on some fresh duds. When you launder your clothing be sure to toss in a handful of sea salt with the detergent to clear the energy.

Think happy thoughts! When you focus on happy, joyful, loving, abundant, or sweet things (puppies! cupcakes!! babies!!!), you’re tuning your energy to higher, loving vibes that naturally repel lower, darker frequencies. Whether it’s a pleasant memory, or enjoying something fun in the moment (like watching a funny movie or dancing to upbeat music), find your happy and enjoy yourself.

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