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This morning I did take my walk!

As normal, I heard many squeaks and squawks!

I looked up in the sky to see a beautiful hawk!

Then I did hear a familiar voice talk!

I looked around and could not see!

Where You be!

You laughed and said!

You were talking telepathically to my mind or head!

It sounded as though your voice came outside, instead!

I looked up to the skies!

Right in front of my eyes!

There are three Ships from the Blue!

Commanded by You!

I know this, but others may not know, but this is True!

You said this is a short visit today!

Not long could You stay!

Things are busy Your way!

You want me to know You love me always!

Twin Flame!

You come, even if I do not call you by Your name!

Today you were sad and said such a Shame!

You said many who still may rule play bad games!

You are saddened seeing much loss of life!

Creates so much on Gaia, other planets, and  Home-creates severe strife!

You watch over me since I am and always your wife!

I had unto say-

Remember many of us came and incarnated as a way!

To work as Gaia does transition and all evolve.

Gaia still has to return to Her correct way of revolve!

The problems from over thousands of years, we can not all solve!

You see, I still believe the goodness in Man!

Many of us, by living and working our Earth task or mission at hand,

Have come to experience and understand-

That Anonymously, Change Will take a strong stand!

I have learned, as thorns on a rose!

Mankind, the core, does care and know!

So very greatly spiritually wants to grow!

They have had so many lies their way!

Getting caught up in confusion, and media throughout their day!

The majority are starting to get a clue!

You see it in the newest generations coming through!

Chaos is a catalyst of Change is true!

What was Willed and Decreed in now coming due!

It is happening, slowly but true!

Continue to let many on the war field see!

The sights of our Ships from the Blue be!

Then perhaps those who Hidingly Rule!

Let Them see in the Here and Now- Still around, is Thule!

The Hiding Rulers I understand will be contacted by Yule!

They won't concede, just continue to be a fool!

Look at how they have ruled!

You said it was time to return to flight in the skies!

You warned me of the newest lies!

You showed me those pictures in front of my eyes!

I will write of the deceit and the disguise!

I felt your Spirit, as always a part of You, remains-protective and wise!

Male of my heart!

ALthough we are physically apart!

You complete and make me whole!

I understand what You this day have unto me told!

I Will go and Write the information given bold!

Why did you give me this piece of mold?

You said, study, look, and research what You said through

Follow and listen to my heart and know True!

Then I will understand what is to write and do!

Until next visit, Eternally I love You!

(published by margaretburns 10/17/17)

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