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Working in the sacred Temple Home!

Rituals and prayers said alone!

Messages from You had stopped!

Silence flavored rooms from bottom to top!

Sound of occassional tic tock,

Chimed from the Olden Clock!

Dawn crowed... noisily...from the cock!

Heavy fog filled the air!

Cold as snow is weathering fair!

Empty of space-

Desperate desolate place,

No You... no picture...showing Your face!

Forlorn... missing You... maintain grace!

(art by Manuel Nunez)



Thoughts of You... warm... mind drifts!

Feeling severed....from You...heart torn to rifts!

Night returns...agony and pain-

Remain quiet...Way of You...nothing to complain!

Barren marble walls...cold bath...ice water numbs my heart!

Healing...abstracted from You...innervation as ripped apart!

Welcome Change...Null...a refresh start?




(image credit to: Creativeuncut)



Slumbering...Tears deluge...innermost the sacred bed!

Dancing and swirling...thoughts of union...in my head!

Chakras tense...colors...green, blue, and red!

Impulsive current created in the air-

Rising temperature...heart beating quickens...within my lair!

Arrival of one? ...Someone here?

The guard warned of no one near!

Illusion...heaviness of musk...shadow does appear!

Who are you?...Announce yourself...enemy prepare!



 (art: Wallpapers13)


Awakened...shadow gains power...heart beating fast!

Announce yourself...warning...spell shall be cast!

Over powering...thickness of musk...my hold will not last!

Current of chaotic sight!

Stronger than my magick and might!

Chakras move...Shadow advances...creates dim light!

Trembling...Body spasms...musk touching my breast!

Succumb...Shadow reveals... The God, upon me does nest!

Collapsing...heart chakra opens... sensually touching Your chest!

Eyes roll back...Union into One...Body contorts, spasms, and rest!



 (artist not known)


Encore...The God's Energy...currents vibrate intensity!

Chakras colliding...Union...Beyond bliss or ecstasy!

Musk and Roses...permeate...energy creates a blaze!

Generating heat...scalding...electric vaporous haze!

Oh My God!!!... It is You!

Divine Love...Home...Affirmation True!

Beyond physical face!

Pure and sacred Soul grace...

Energy of construct Divine!


The God...vibrating frequencies...inside temple walls!

Marble cracks...diminishing...crumbling halls!

Time for anew-

Temple fell...old...earth shaking through-

Formless...timeless...eternal, to-

Homecoming...You...arrival soon; Soul Family from the Blue!




(re-written by margaretchristieburns 5/13/18)


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Comment by Rosey on May 15, 2018 at 11:43am

JACK BLACK!!!! Thank you sweetie and yes!!!!!! BIG HUG xo

Comment by jack black on May 15, 2018 at 10:13am

Related image

Comment by Rosey on May 14, 2018 at 5:38pm

Oh Frater 121 thank you so very greatly! Your comments mean so much to me! 93!

Comment by Rosey on May 14, 2018 at 12:21pm

93 Lowe!!!!

     I knew not that you are familiar with Thelema!!!! xoxoxoxo I have learned much from that and other but tend to follow my heart in my True (Divine) Will. Thank you for a very touching comment and the beautiful flowers! Gratitude and Appreciation unto you dear Lowe!

Comment by Löwe on May 14, 2018 at 9:40am

Recently went through a golden cord reset session with a kind and graceful medicine woman.  Helped shed the branches, knots, twists, dead growth, etc..of my spiritual life.  Feeling much better.  The nightly 5d conversations were wearing me down and making my waking life difficult.  Nice to know others are experiencing the shift as well.  Be well dear Rosey, grateful for your grace and fearless sharing of experiences.  93

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~~this months awareness~~

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