Temple Illuminatus


The Current of the 93!

Increasing in strength and virality!

Energizing Divine Mother's Children...We!

Many understand not, nor can see!

The Agenda has had a plan expected to be!

Long before the Current of the 93!

New Aeon transitioning swifter-

Than those holding current monopoly;

Cause from hard labor completed by you and me!

Those in power will buckle to their knee!

When the Gods announce their arrival to set things free!

This is what will really be!

Those in power can not see!



Written in many sacred and ancient text!

Tree of Life in majority of religious sects!

Life on Earth; other planets and dimensions it effects!

Divine Plan is now in play!

They can not allow Earth to go on same way!

Change is on route, be it night or day!

Divine Will interface with much to say!




Harken and truly hear!

Universal Mind has Spoken clear!

The Cosmic War conclusion is near!

It is Earth that They fear!

Seeing mankind abuse what They hold dear!

Look up to the star of the Bear!

Lights will soar up in the air!

Interface the Horse giving birth to Her mare!

Oh woe to those who dare-

Disrupt and destroy Gaia's earth and atmosphere!




Catastrophies and false flags across the land!

Those in power believe their footing is firm on its stand!

The Divine Ones communicate to us via 93 frequency band!

Soul is energy; in every cell; be it head, leg or hand!

We know each other, as does each grain of sand!

Their arrival will block and relieve your greedy,ego demand!

Universal Mind pulsates out specific nand-

The Divine Father and Mother righteously command!



Ships have moved past the sun!

Oblivious are those in power, as they have fun!

Ships communicate symbols; deciphered are some!

Majority ascertains erroneous binary codes of two and one!

Symbols communicates task needed to be completed and done!

Cosmic war, reality is; no side lost or won!




We live in two worlds; spiraling flight to ascend!

Energy of the 93, oscillating energy to expand and bend!

Intertwined as One, All, None; surging Gaia as We mend!

Those who abuse; from The Father, you can not-yourself defend!

Scatter as locust, you will turn against your own family or friend!

Time to change to Right Ways, before the end!

Agape is an energy of Divine vibration as it spreads!

Turn and repent -or it is your own ego- you will dread!

Free the masses and become spiritually fed!

Here, in real time, is Our Lady in Red!

Sorrow to those in power; change not -waken but not in your bed!

Woe to those you mock or disregard the Words Our Lady has said!

Suffer mental anguish in your head!

Current 93 ignites by earth, air, water, and fire as the expansion does spread!




(published by margaretburns 11/8/14)

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Comment by LunisRising on September 29, 2017 at 8:13am

They tried to make us, shape us into twisted forms,  It failed.  

just as this will.  masks and fancy suits will be ripped off... it won't be painless.  we know who is the real .   

Comment by LunisRising on September 29, 2017 at 7:40am

Hugs and blessings back dear Sister Rosey! :)  

we will take control of the situations.  

True Ank,  they only think they have the tree of life in their hands.   it js all by design :) 

Comment by AnkHaRa on September 29, 2017 at 7:20am

;) All by design. The only power seemingly given is the power of the test. The more power one believe to have the more they show their true shades. The unveiling continues.

Comment by Rosey on September 29, 2017 at 6:03am

hugs and blessings lunis! gratitude!

Comment by LunisRising on September 25, 2017 at 2:56pm

Hugs :)  you make paths clearer  ,  Thank you 

Comment by Rosey on September 25, 2017 at 2:37pm

Hugs and gratitude Lunis! xo

Comment by LunisRising on September 25, 2017 at 2:26am

Thank you for sharing :)  you know what dreams will come. 

you are beyond beauty!  ways of ancient joy! Rosey 

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~~this months awareness~~

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