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It's very difficult to walk on this path. I've struggles over the years with my guides and guardian on being the best possible individual. I usually kept it together by not voicing my opinion, but now it seems as if a "force" comes through my throat chakra and demands respect. I find that following along the Draconian Path is very rewarding. I've done things required by my guardian that I wouldn't of been capable to do years ago. Every morning is a fresh start and I find that it's important to learn something new everyday. This magical path brings a new sense of self as you're tries through the fire. Being in tune with my Chaos/Water Dragon has brought me a sense of peace. I can continue living my life according to the creed. Never in my life did I think I would be communicating on this level. There is so much demand in this path. Just because I practice the left hand path doesn't mean I'm not to help the little old lady to cross the street. This path is do much more than one thinks. First, I've went from Faith to now knowing what is what. I forever thought I could take life head on, but I went through a number of situations where all seemed helpless. The magic that I practice helps with my determined outlook on life. Never did I think that I would stop hiding behind masks. I am who I am and it feels great but at the same time, the every is extremely heavy. I feel as if I can cone to terms with my fate. Before, it didn't make sense, now I can see with all three eyes. For the love of God there is the Most High. Aka El, Yawah, or RA.

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