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From a far away constellation. He seems to work behind the scenes and follows the leader. That leader being me. Never did I have a doubt in which my life would eventually become complete. This is why He is here, to guide me back to redemption. In other words, my higher self. Pacts were made and I demanded the truth concerning my journey. He did provide and even more than that. This is why I'm thankful, because I'm back at before when Earth became populated. I find that I have to lie in order for those like-minded can come to the truth. Where's the fun at if you can't find out on your own? Yup, follow the leader in all things. It's important to give reverence to those that like to guide. To those that are bound, they are waiting for the day of judgement. To have your eyes open is like becoming the Elohim. He is me as I am him. It's nice to be reminded that I do work for a "cause". Always creating for the cause and effect. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It's like me throwing a rock in the middle of the pond. I have to watch the ripple effect in my decisions. Forever a test as if you can never fail. All roads lead to the same destination. I have to remind myself of that. He only reminds me when I pass the initial test, then he presents another one. I only come to conclusions when I have the facts, and He likes that. If i lie to reduce ones perception of me, do you consider that bad? Eventually, I'll find out the truth and come back to you with the answer you seek. Funny how that works. Everything is centered, and everyone to me is the center of attention. The life of an empath. 

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