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The Atuwaa probe device and the shining star

Lets begin with the device everybody is trying to find. Let me describe a theory about what it is but first i must explain the lucifian expirment and its success and why it was created. First of all the shining star was the last star born in the last big bang or reality that came before lyrans. Our civilization will face certin death eventually when sol becomes a red giant star. But even if we make it. Our civilization will face it again when all the stars start to die one by one. Because...all the hyrdogen will be convertered to helium. And there are no stars in space left for civilizations to grow food. So admist many battles and coups and spectacular fights we cant even imagine. Shining star scientists had created a solution for surrival. Seed a new big bang exactly the same as the original. Easier said then done. By this time in technical advancement and knowledge of astrophysics it was within their reach. They tasted eden in their minds. One of the battleing species of the shining star conglomerate of what little government form was left decided the lucifian expirement was going to fail and decided to end it and destroy the last star. Right as success of sustainment of reality was in completion. At the last minute...we tried to move as many as we could to our new universe. Not everybody made it...but the being responsible for the last stars collasp..came through with us. And like a memory he wishes to squash...made lucifer into an enemy. Spirit did not split because it had a choice. It did so for surrivial. The saddest thing you will ever encounter is watching someone you love and you know loved you forget they do. Watching yourself outlive what created you...knowing youll never forget...but your creator wont. Its the hardest toughest mental burden youll ever bear. Now you understand...the reality you live inside is a legacy of a dying reality ment to give you life. Now sometime later that evil being begain to convince itself it was just like the natives that formed on there own after...that lucfier was an evil being. No being is born evil. This is that being from the shining stars final coup he never got to finish. Now you understand why spirit became seprate. Its not what you ever thought. And how the being from the last star born...came here...and became the first star born called the morning star or the first star born of the light of the second sohar.

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Comment by James Widing on June 14, 2017 at 12:34pm
Tell me you all...how far do you see inside the grand Ouroboros?
Comment by James Widing on June 14, 2017 at 11:59am
The atuwaa device surrives outside our universe...it watches and influences our world since this world earth has its focus. Magickal things happen here...weird quantumn effects occur here more often then on other worlds. This device was like an editor for a videogame level but for the universe for the annunaki

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