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As I sit here writing this article I am thinking to myself...what is the purpose of this writing? As a matter of fact, what is the purpose of any art form at all? 

Well, my dear friends and fellow writers, it comes down to what I am going to call "The Art of the Trigger", or The Art of the Feels. We as writers love to write, it is what keeps us up at all hours of the night or day but night in my case, and for all the time I spend writing I have come down to this one overall fact. It is the Triggering of Feelings of what keeps me doing what I'm doing. 

Whether it be good feelings or bad feelings the purpose of our writing and the purpose of all art, in general, is to solicit a target audience with feelings and emotions. Sometimes I find that I like to write short stories just to entertain myself because it gives me the "Feels".

This is what as the artist makes us who we are. If my writing didn't have an emotional backdrop to it then I personally wouldn't be interested in my work whatsoever. 

Honestly, I think most of you feel the same way about your own work. Is it not amazing how writing, painting, singing, dancing, movies, comic books can all cause us to go through a wide range of emotions even though what we may be seeing is a totally fictional story or piece of art?

I think it goes to show the impact that we have on society and on an individual level. This is why they always say the Pen is mightier than the Sword.

The fact that merely scribbling a signature on a piece of paper can alter the course of an entire nation is one of the most powerful tools that mankind has ever been given. But we must as writers be able to take these tools and seek to do good with them as we owe it to our brothers and sisters. Let us not take our tools and use them to impose our will onto others, let us not be the ones to make a nation lead a mass genocide by simply signing our lives away.

Use your God given talents to do better for the rest of humankind. Make you writing controversial as it is meant to be, controversy leads to the exchange of thoughts and feelings and opinions, this helps us as a society and the world grow by learning from each other. 

God Bless you all and have a Dark Day as always your Oxymoronic, psychoanalytical friend-Nocturnus Light.

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