In the US, in my very first interaction with Ancient Pagan Nubian/Egyptian Goddesses and Gods, I had been inspired to write to dear late Murry Hope in the UK, writer of "The Way of the Cartouche" and "Practical Egyptian Magick"...

I had come across her works and I felt the sacred need to tell her at that time, I wanted her to be less "Spiritual Dualistic/Zoroastrian" in her works chiefly in regard to the Ancient Nubian/Egyptian Goddesses and Gods.

She replied back then to me, that each and every one of us all, we can only do as much as we know and have at the time of anything in our lives, and the fact that we can only do as good as our own personal evolution can allow us to.

Mind you, it was not an apology, she was putting me back to my place because to each soul their own step in the eternal and infinite evolutionary ladder of creation.

After that, I did embrace most of her works but minus the spiritual-dualism which she catered to at that time.

As time went by, I understood that in order to reach out for the interest of the population in general and world-wide, she needed her material to be able to be related to, chiefly by the main pool of the collective of the world population.

Years have passed and I must say, she did a jolly good job and her books have opened up many eyes beyond the mediocrity of the mainstream mythological rubbish of our times.

Murry Hope is no longer with us, but her works remain and I thank her for the beautiful part she played to me and to others along the way.

The Spiritual Dualism rubbish boils down to the invention of the eternal war/battle between good and bad.

Something which did not exist and was invented by this Species.

The real fact was, still is and will always be, that there were never ever any wars, nor any battles between personified/mythologized "Adjectives/Qualifications of "Belief & Language" for what/who we as a Species deem "Good and Bad"!

Except for all of the invented by this Species, men-made Rubbish/Refuse/Garbage, but always dressed in the nice and fanciful clothes of Religion and under the excuse of inspired by some God or another... Absurd! Indeed, pure rubbish for the uneducated, for the willfully ignorant or the intellectually dishonest.

In the US, Midsummer is afoot and looming ahead in the roads that lead here, in Australia, in Brazil, it is Midwinter which is afoot and looming ahead in the roads that lead there.

Either way, it is the first Solstice Time of the year 2017 of our time and I shall celebrate Calling Down the Ancient Pagan Goddess Maat for dear Pennsylvania, as She or rather Her Meaning, Vibration and Influence will be the Theme played and enforced by this Year's directional pull for the North of the World.

While Goddess Seshat shall handle the South of the World with Her Meaning as spread via Other Names more native to the locations.

Ancient Pagan God Thoth will be changing into both "Goddesses Maat and Seshat" as always, and finishing the year as ancient Pagan God Anpu for all locations.

Fusion of different Values, Energies, Vibrations for better Meaning and for the sake of eternal and infinite NATURAL EVOLUTION.

Evolution is the direction of all Seasons because movement, growth, death and rebirth shall dance as always and we all shall and will play our parts...

We all do it from cradle to grave, and of course because none of us can resist the natural calling of all creation for eternal and infinite evolution for all and to all.


JUNE 21st is almost here!

Well, my love and enthusiasm for the Goddesses of the Solstices!




Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


Long long, long ago, I was once a Priestess of the Ancient Pagan Horned Goddess Hathor!

Once, I also was a Priest/Priestess of the Ancient Pagan Androgynous God Khonsu.

I had remembered my most recent past lifetime / reincarnation as Amelie (Nantes - France & Brazil)...

And most recently I have been informed I had been the very first Maria Padilha das Padilhas a.k.a. Pomba-Giras Rainhas (Exu-Femmes) a.k.a. as Maria (de) Padilla (de) Castela in the 1300's Spain, EU.

For the longest time, I have worked with many different pantheons of Ancient Pagan Goddesses and Gods... However, most recently in my present life the dear ancient Goddess Ashtoreth, She had surprised me by showing up to me one night amidst a good dream, She had chosen/claimed me and I understood my work with Her, my love and loyalty to Her, they go back long & much beyond what I recall in/for this lifetime.

I love Her - the Goddess Ashtoreth!

I could never part with/from the Goddess-in-Me part of my existence and expression, ergo for each and every lifetime/reincarnation/Temporary-Journeys-in-the-Flesh-of-the-Elemental-Realms, I always brought along with me, the gift of the Awareness of Her Presence, Her love, Her part in me and in all Species, in all Her Creation!

The Goddess / Creatress Supreme Being, She is present and inside of all Her Creation, All Existence... And equally, Her Creation and all Existence are present and inside of Her, because AS IS ABOVE, SO IS EQUALLY BELOW.

I adore the Goddess! And to Her, I do belong and for life!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on June 19, 2018 at 4:35pm

Thank you, Lowe!

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