Temple Illuminatus

Time to observe, harken, and hear!

Our Lady's words are perfectly clear!
Time still to prepare!
Heed Her words; of false flags beware!
Our Lady, the weight of Earth, She does bear!
Time for Global Unity is here!

The Holy Father and Mother in sacred Union dance!
She is here on this realm; not just in your meditative trance!
Our Lady is found in all countries, even in France!
Gnosis is a true start and not found by mere chance!

These are the words, I heard Our Lady say-
Sharing them with those who hear, on this day!
We, Her Children, walk our True Will's way!
The sun always sets in the west!
Radiating light for Gaia's best!
Those producing chemtrails laugh and jest!
Woe to you, Our Lady sees every hair on your chest!
Look for the symbol on the moon-
Shift to New World to happen soon!
Flight appear in the east at noon!
Cosmic energy and frequencies increase in June!
Disabling many nuclear sites!
Plasma balls and vibrational lights!
The ones who currently abuse will have fright-
Our Lady, a Glorious Sight!
Night is time the sun turns bright-
Day falls into slumbering night!
Gno your Divinity!
Our planet must be One in physical and spiritual Unity!
Mature out of infancy!

Sacred Illuminated Rose!
We, Her Children, understand this and Gno!
Zero equals two as two world sew!
As above, so below-
New Aeon transitions slow!
Ordeals and events still to undergo!

Allure of a rose, beware of the thorn!
Charismatic false prophets; from the nineteen eighties born!
Give rise to religions speaking love; cults, families and life to be torn!
The Serpent observes and scribes for She!
Urantia records current deed!
Shifting into fifth and growing in the Holy ninety-three!
The ordeals shall be overcome by We.
Vibration sounded as tides turn direction in the sea!
RA is angry, evil tries to block He!
Waves from the sun increase again.
Intensity higher; Gaia commence reverse spin!
Restriction is the only sin!
Charismatic leaders attempt sending militia in!
Startled, they will be; Our Lady Will Win!
Choosing to Our Lady fight-
Arrival of Truth will be their sight!
Black clouds vaporizes; loud popping sounds as dynamite!
Against Our Lady, they have no might!
Fear not, as your heart will tell you-You Will be alright!

Numerous false and confusing events at hand!
Written in many languages across the land!
Our Lady speaks a Message simple, but sound!
Restrict yourself not; do not keep yourself bound!
Your heart, the place your spiritual path is found!
Our Lady's Love is infinite and has no bounds!
Those who are astray-
You believe yourself walking the right way-
Does your heart has a naw?
Can not understand; no expression can you draw?
The ting that you feel!
Is Our Lady seeking you to appeal!
Time to cage the ego; time to heal!
Hark and heed Our Lady's Words!
Love is the Energy, as you have heard!
Love is the law, love under will!
Many misunderstand and continue still!
Walk right; do not- your spiritual self kill!

(published by margaretburns 4/9/17)

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Comment by Rosey on April 11, 2017 at 6:06pm

Thank you so very greatly dear SiStar! Your poetry have so blessed and motivated my life! Blessings and hugs!

Comment by Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ~ XERCES~ Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ on April 10, 2017 at 10:27am

Beautifully spoken-beautifully written dear sister. The imagery resonates each word orchestrated here upon this virtual pallet...<3 ox

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