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Tonight has a chill in the air!
The moon enthralls the atmosphere!
Something new, I feel is everywhere!
Rapturous, effervescent emotions feeling debonair!
Thrilling, spine tingly; oh lordie; standing is my hair!
Something new, I do declare!
See, feel, taste, touch and hear!
The New Aeon is finally here!
New Magick of the Gods is vivid and clear!
Unto Us, They give and share!

Old Aeon has past!
Old Magick to fade; not last!
Energy of Agape crumbles walls and breaks glass!
New Magick of the Gods sent and cast!
Our Lady's Glory and Majesty is vast!
Woe, but alas, alas-
Still some act an ass!
Gnosis; Thelema; give ego a blast!
Still many ordeals to come to pass!

(art by erebus)

What to say and where to begin-
So many things in my heart, deep within!
Woe, until those evil men!
Time is here; old Aeon at its end!
Do you know how angered Gaia has been?
Do you believe over Her you can control and win?
Pathetic illusion; restriction is the word for sin!
As everyone does know-
Volcanoes erupt and blow!
Earthquakes shake, rattle, and roll!
Deeper to be felt from an unknown toll!
The ring of fire in the sea!
Circles return as the Great Shift to Be!
Gaia is to take back her skies-
She will the west coast surprize!
The small girl has grown in size!
Water will abound.
Houses of mud will be found!
What thought stable is unsound!
Thoughts of the Gods inject profound!

No, these are not the final of days!
Fear mongers inflict lies of viels and haze!
We, The Children, understand Our Lady's Ways!
There will be no rapture!
Aliens will not come down and you capture!
The Gods have returned is true!
They Awaken; not seek to enslave you!
Unto yourself-that is what you choose!
Gaia as a mother-
Teaches Us, sister and brother!
Polarities are over; soon lesson of another!
Ordeals at hand!
Look inside your self to take your stand!
Human Consciousness increasing across the land!
The Current of the 93 interwines and oscillate new band!
Pitch of light as a new rand!
Many will not understand!
We walk side by side; hand in hand!

The past year or two-
Four stations came due!
Stationary bodies in space!
Each standing on a base!
Watching Gaia's beautiful face!
Waiting for a command!
If they needed to land!
Gaia is making Her Stand!
Thoughts are energy!
Words create way of be!
Event planned stopped by She!
Climate Chaos, we shall see!
Chaos is understood by We!
Three by one at the tree!
Viels do not shield new energy!
New Magick of the Gods!
Rotating revised rods!
Five not four quads!
New Magick is here to stay!
We, the Children rejoice this day!

(written by margaretburns 9/27/15; published 3/17)

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