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Remembering the End of my Past True Life.
Where thrives pure love, a collective, and no strife!
Home to my place as Your wife!
Coming to this realm to complete a task.
One by Our Lady, unto me was asked!

My heart loved life in Land of Northern Faroe!
Life was once abundant, but Few know!
Oh how Love did so greatly grow.
Holding Your right hand!
Walking the Sacred Path; all was grand!
Before our sacred stone, did stand!
Writing of our lives; using symbols for all to understand!

Flowing among forest of moss covered, green trees!
Aroma of willow and marigolds dancing a breeze!
Laughing, joy, games, as I fall on my knees!
Not here, You say!
A new spot this day!
Come with me, this way!

Waterfalls sensually cascade into a pool, so hot!
Beach with one large blackish rock­our new spot!
You leaned me back against the rock!
Serious, You were, no play-­not even a mock!
Ardent and fiery kisses from You!
This was, oh to me, so new!
I was not sure what to do?
You said just let You in and trust You!

Kissing down the right side of my neck.
You gently lick and peck!
My fingers push against your shoulders as I say
No, I do not understand this way!
No Tea­or, No! My white shirt exposes my breast!
Love from You, as I melt into Your chest!
Eternal love; as One; Changing never Rest...
Home is Lair of Disc, Eternal bonded as a nest!
You were the Greatest Warrior, ­The Best!

The day, You had leave!
I remember as I sat at the loom to weave!
I was making something for You!
You said when you return it will be something new!
You held me, so tightly I was blue!
You said Your Love unto Me is and always will be True!
I retort, I am the same unto You!
True Love may Change, You said ­never dies, never through!
You said, I am Your Heart.
One Spirit, even in physical bodies or spatial apart.
Out the door, You did dart!
Oh My God!!! Oh My God!! Oh My Heart!
Your body did not return! Perhaps, at sea it was burned!
To this day my heart and stomach churn!

Your Spirit did unto me Come!
Bonded, Mated, Loved Eternal as One!
Son of RA­ Unified Star, We outshine the sun!
You Will find me! ­All realms and dimensions, Never to leave or run!
Into this life cycle I was born!
My entire life; without You, excuriating pain and heart torn!
I brought into this life cycle with me!
Memories, Energy of Thee!
I Know and Will, the Vow...WE!
Pure, sacred, guarded and True!
This is my Essence... unto myself I am True.
Loving You Divinely and living Divine Will as Decreed through­

(edited and published by ©margaretburns 9/24/17)

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Comment by LunisRising on September 25, 2017 at 2:54pm

Yes let's make it a better world.  we can go home rosey :) 

Comment by Rosey on September 25, 2017 at 2:36pm

Thank you Lunis! xo

Comment by Rosey on September 25, 2017 at 2:36pm

Thank you sis! blessings! xo

Comment by AnkHaRa on September 24, 2017 at 9:08pm

We will return to our true lives sister, everything will be alright.

Comment by LunisRising on September 24, 2017 at 7:19pm

Ah What memories.  they remind me of my own Rosey! :) 

Thank you for sharing beautiful things to all so freely :)  

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~~this months awareness~~

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