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A far off race genetically affiliated with the Draconians. These are the Sirian Amphibians. The same race that Enki was affiliated with. First born in Rigel in Orion, his step father Anu, inserted the Sirian genetics into his sun Enki.

At the time in Orion before Enki took flight on Nibiru to Earth, he was a Pureblood Avian Reptilian. At the time, it wasn't known to him that he was Satan. He had this understanding that he incarnated this Imdugud, aka The Anointed Cherub, several years after being on Earth.

What's interesting is that Enki, aka Poseidon created Atlantis and anointed the Aryans to honor the Albino Reptilians from Draco. Yes, the Kingu-Babbar.

Long ago, Enki's ancestors from his mom's side is tied with the Paa Tal hybrid Draconian Horus, aka Lucifer from Thuban. These Red Kingu had traveled from Draco to Lyra and created the first prototype of the human race. These Draconian beings had sacrificed themselves to create these humans. A percentage of these Kingu then went and settles in Aquila in Scorpio.

Enki was affiliated with seven different races before coming to Earth. These include the Draconians, Lyrans, Sirians, Orionites, Arcturians, Zetas, and the Tall Greys. 65% Sirian and the other 35% were the other six races.

These Sirian Sages understood that Enki would be given the gift of the feather. It makes sense because Enki's Pureblood Reptilian-Avian mom had the blood of these 11th multi-dimensional beings. These ancient Reptilians had arrived in Draco, what I'm assuming, millions of years before the Orion/Sirian War. That hybrid Paa Tal/Draconian ancestor on Enki's mom side had the blood of the Kingu from Draco. These are the Luciferian beings before Lucifer had fell like lightning from Heaven, in which he became Satan.

These Satanic Beings are stationed in Alnitak in Orions Belt. They're 19 foot Reptilian/Wolfen Beings that exist both in the 1st and 3rd dimensions. These beings are associated with the Jinns in the Qur'an. They have a green scaled body with no genitals. They also have long fingers and toes, plus black razor sharp teeth. They feed off the fear of those they come into contact with. These are the "terrible" ones, aka the Rephaim.

Enki did not find out that he was the incarnated "Satan" until he landed on Earth. His mindset fit the archetype of the Luciferian Being Satan. From then on, taking in the name if Osiris, he built pyramids aligning both king's chamber with Thuban in Draco and Alnitak in Orion. The queen's chamber had also aligned with Sirius and another constellation. Enki aka Osiris, knew he had to finally slay the Bull God El. This is why the hunter Orion was chasing Taurus the Bull.

The whole point of this was because he wanted his eyes to be open and became one of the Elohim, just like when Lucifer wanted usurp El, aka God.

"Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee,"

(Ezekiel 28:15).

But that's the thing. This "fall" had happened way before the Orion Wars. Before these Draconian beings had settled in this Universe, Lucifer was known as just that, Lucifer. He did not take on these alien races until he reincarnated as Enki on Rigel in Orion. And what I mean by that is that he genetically modified his own DNA with the races that he encountered in this system. Yes, it's known that Enki is a master geneticist.

Now this is just my take on what had happened. Hopefully some of you can connect whatever dots you need to in order to understand the fall of Lucifer.

Thanks for reading.

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Comment by Quingu on October 14, 2018 at 7:53am

Thanks for reading!

Comment by Rosey on October 13, 2018 at 6:52pm

Extremely interesting! I will read a few times! Thank you for sharing this!! Great blog!

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