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By Gregg Prescott, M.S.

Why do introverts tend to be highly spiritual?

Society dictates that we follow specific images projected by the main stream media, so why do introverts tend to rebel from these stereotypes?

Introverts tend to look within for answers versus having the need for societal approval. Often, extroverts will view the introvert as being antisocial, stuck up or as loners, but even with these labels, the introvert will stand his or her ground with complete disregard for how others perceive him or her.

If you are an introvert, then you will find complete comfort in solitude. You often find yourself immersed in deep thought and contemplation. Your need for approval by others is significantly less than the extrovert as you realize that all answers come from within.

While you may partake on social occasions, you often enjoy simply watching the environment around you versus being the center of attention, which many introverts try to avoid. On a metaphysical level, the introvert realizes how we are all connected and does not need the external approval and attention that is often sought after by the extrovert.

Approximately 75% of the world are extroverts, which makes the introvert the minority, yet the introvert will not succumb to societal pressure in order to conform.

While some introverts may be shy, there is a big difference between shyness and being introverted. Shyness is a facet of social anxiety and the fear of rejection while being introverted is the ability to be at social function without the need for complete social interaction. For example, if the introvert was at a party, he or she can easily have conversations with many people, but often chooses not to.

The introvert can have extroverted tendencies while still remaining to be an introvert. Many introverts will pick and choose the time and place to be extroverted, such as waiting in line at the grocery store. In this situation, the conversation is limited and there is no long term commitment to continue the conversation, allowing the introvert to have social interaction without being forced into it. Within minutes, the introvert will once again find the tranquility of being the observer.

Within the solitude, the introvert finds much time to reflect on life. He or she will have a small group of close friends and will feel comfortable being themselves around these people.

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The extrovert will feel uncomfortable when there is a small break in the conversation while the introvert understands that sometimes words do not need to be spoken to appreciate the company of the person they’re with. A hug and a smile speak louder than words for the introvert.

The introvert is amused by the extrovert and will observe their mannerisms. An introvert will tend to be on the outside of a group, looking within.

Introverts prefer to watch, listen and observe and don’t talk very much but when they’re with people they feel close to, they will openly talk about things that they’re passionate about.

Many people within the spiritual and metaphysical genres are introverts and often look within for answers. They are more apt to understand the principle of oneness and how we are all connected on a deeper level than the extrovert, who looks for physical approval.

Introverts tend to use the right side of their brain and often are often musically or artistically inclined. They may also be poets or philosophers and can easily see outside the box.

The introvert will question the origins of what society has told us to be the truth and unlike a scientist, he or she does not need empirical data to maintain his or her own beliefs. The metaphysical fields often attract the introvert because of this.

Inner reflection is commonly used by the introvert as he or she will look within for answers versus what he or she may have been taught. The introvert will use discernment as he or she weighs what has been learned externally versus what he or she feels resonates as the truth within.

Introverts are often empaths as well. Their sensitivity to how other people feel tends to be heightened as opposed to the extrovert who is more consumed with how others are perceiving himself or herself.

Extroverts may also be highly spiritual and will display their spirituality more openly than the introvert. They are easily able to talk to anyone about spiritual and metaphysical topics while the introvert will pick and choose who he or she will talk to about these issues.

The bottom line: despite being only 25% of the population, the introvert will rarely change their attitude or personality to appease others, with the exception of their employment. Many introverts have learned how to be “temporary extroverts” but in the end, their comfort zone brings them back to be an introvert. While society will continue to make the introvert feel like an outcast, the introvert will not be persuaded by peer pressure or conformity in order to appease others because he or she already knows that the truth is within.

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Comment by Cian Rhys on July 27, 2017 at 3:21am

No, I definitely identify as an introvert. I only exhibit ambivert/extrovert tendencies in very specific situations and circumstances; in such situations other aspects of my being are expressed, it doesn't mean I stop being an introvert. For example, I tend to have a resting content-face; but if presented with a situation that I find exceedingly intolerable, I can switch in a heart beat to become absolutely wrathful. ( I strongly prefer to promote peace, but am amply prepared to "war", and have no attachments in doing so.) Similarly, I tend to prefer working from the shadows, but if decisive action is required, I have no problem with stepping up, and providing leadership, or initiating action; even if that makes me feel exceedingly uncomfortable, or even entails extreme risk-taking. For example, though I tend to be reserved and keep to myself, when I see someones life in danger, I simply react, I tend not to even pause to consider my own well-being. No, that is not always a wise choice, but that impetus arises from a place where logic and reason do not dwell.

In this incarnation, some of my aspects are represented through being an Arien, Metal Boar, White Lunar Wizard, Guardian, Heyoka, Way-shower, Transmuter, 2nd Soul Ray, Blue Ray Being. Those attributes and traits, combined with my own personal life experiences, and being "introverted", will obviously lead me to being a different type of introvert from others; and I would propose it's the same for almost everyone else, regardless of how their incarnational soul matrix is configured.

Let's not get it twisted; all these "labels" are such a generalization anyways; Beings are so much more complex than they allow for, and any single system of categorization cannot adequately classify the intricacies of every Being. It's similar to Astrology, in that any imposed classifications are not laws or rules, but are simply guidelines; and ultimately amount to little more than descriptions that are an attempt to better understand ourselves, and others.

It's only when we seek to witness the unified whole of a soul, the inherent multidimensional expansiveness of their being, that we can gain a slightly more revealing perspective of the perceived individual; and even then we may only see the lower dimensional attributes of the personality, or how that being is expressing it's self in, or reacting to, a specific situation.

As much as we are One, we are also all very unique. Such is the inherent paradoxical nature of a duality-based Universe. It's all part of the "Game"; and personally, I would be bored to death by any type of homogeneous conformity.

Comment by Zaria Acacia on July 27, 2017 at 1:00am
So possibly ambivert tendencies
Comment by Cian Rhys on July 24, 2017 at 12:17am

Yes, I am. Though I must admit, due to being influenced by Arien energetics, in certain situations I can blur the line between introversion and extroversion; it's highly dependent on many different situational/personal factors.

Comment by Zaria Acacia on July 6, 2017 at 9:20pm

this all totally fits me too.Are you an introvert  Cian Rhys?Image result for introversion pics

Comment by Zaria Acacia on July 6, 2017 at 9:18pm

I love this...I am an INFJRelated image

Comment by Cian Rhys on June 29, 2017 at 4:00am

Comment by Cian Rhys on June 29, 2017 at 3:58am

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