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Future is cloudy.
But there's a thing that I came from the Future. I'm a young, sharp and famous celebrity guy in the future of the year 2050. I'm facing some dramatical problems and problem source also comes from the past, the year of 2017.
The travel from 2050 to 2017, my first sight is just a little door inside the darkness.
1st step . . .
2nd step . .
and 3rd step and also last.
A door is almost near from me. I have no choice. The only option I have to do is to knock the door.
*knock* *knock**knock*
I knock the door three times. The door opens and sounds of the old hinge appears. A guy appears, he doesn't wear any shirt or pant, but only with a brief. He open the door and trying to start some conversation with the stranger. Stranger is me.
"'Hello, may I . . .?"
"Ah . . Nice to meet you, I'm nick, I just took a thing something of your bussiness."
I hold my handbag and said. He frown and think some chaos. And said -
"Bussiness? Are you kidding me now?"
Then I smile and reply.
"Nop, it's real. I have a job. Exactly, the easiest job of the realm, but it's only for you."
He laugh loudly and said -
"Haha . . my work is also the easiest job of the realm, everybody comes here only for sex, I'm a money guy. Sex is the easiest job ever, isn't it?"
My sight focus on his brief for a split second because of his word, and said-
"Hey, I'm not here for sex and I have only contract."
"Contract? For what?"
"To propose and love me?"
"Propose and love? it's already about sex, hmm?"
"No, love without sex, just romance, Your love is my future hope. You don't need to sex with me because I'm an asexual."
"Asexual? what's that?"
"A person who not influenced in sex"
"I'm sorry, I won't do the crazy kiddy things. Thanks for your offer."
He close the door instantly and only door and darkness in my sight.
I pick a folded piece of paper from my bag and unfold. Some words are written in the paper.
"Mission 1: Find the true love from a sex worker"
I read and fold again the paper. I sight heavily and asked myself.
"still the ture love exists in this world?"
I have to find true love from a sex worker as a mission one. But my first move was failed. What should I do?

To be continued . . . . .

Own Feeling @ 2017 by
Auro Karshine

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Comment by Linda M. on September 23, 2017 at 10:42am

Obviously, your fist move failed because you went and blurted it out all at once, freaking the guy out.  It would be the same if someone walked up to you out of the blue and said, "Let's get married."  Any relationship should start with friendship, and I'm not talking friends with benefits.  Love blooms from friendship.  Love at first sight, none times out of ten is pure lust.  You need to take baby steps to do this.  I am reading that you, yourself were unsure of this mission and so, deliberately sabotaged it, whether consciously or unconsciously. 

I'm sure you have gathered by now I don't talk as an intellectual.  I make my point with direct words, more people understand that way.

Comment by Helela on September 22, 2017 at 1:56pm

I'll be waitin for the next chapter! I hope I don't miss it.

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