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    I am the media. And the sooner I can put the emphasis on the verb - "i AM the media" - the sooner our legitimately frightened children will have a voice in the media they can trust.

    All the young people in my life know this. They know my news is unquestionably raising the flag of genuine good will.

    Sometimes style really is substance. The thought runs counter to the warts-and-all picture of reality easy technology affords us all. However, elegance of presentation can be truly indicative of greater depth than mere aesthetic elegance. It can be a sign post to that suddenly repeatedly red-flagged word, "truth".

    Couple with "false", the two notions are being presented like an either/or, in a classic dunking of the complex in a huge dualistic sweep of the dualistic heavy hands. But this is not my concern. My concern is how much I may be debunked based on any compromise I am willing to make to authenticate my claim to being graceful in public.

    I have silver hair. If the other three men in the band dye their hair, is it correct for me to dye my own a pondered and selected adorable shade of auburn? How much contrivance before my spontaneity is deemed unnatural? There are no doubt some out there who would take to my streaking the white with indigo and magenta, but to revert back to prime-of-life brown --- that's kinda fake, isn't it?


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Comment by Cluthin Drew on February 21, 2018 at 9:54pm

The problem of deciding what is genuine involves problems of intelligibility, and this, in turn, involves questions of logic. Most contemporary logic is binary, but this renders unintelligible some real-world phenomena such as quantum mechanics! As soon as we abandon binary logic for a higher level logic such as L3 the epistemological quandary occasioned by binary logic disappears! Since binary logic is entirely subsumed by higher-order logics no intelligibility is lost by this manoeuvre and heuristic utility is enhanced!

In summary when searching for the Genuine abandon binary logic!

Comment by Rosey on February 21, 2018 at 4:57pm

I concur with Linda dear love 100%!! Oh Linda-his songs are beautiful!!!! xoxoxox

Thank you dear friend!

Comment by Linda M. on February 21, 2018 at 2:34pm

Savlove, it's getting so I look forward to reading your posts.  As for hair....I'd leave it genuine gray and embrace being old.  It's what I did.

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