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Annegrette, an adept wise for her age-
May have angered her Mentor, The Mage!
While away, the Lair became a disruptive stage!
Magickal potions spilt on the floor; birds released from their cage!
Oh Annegrette, will you ever learn to be a Sage?
The Mage, who loved Annegrette, had a trip for a day!
Annegrette, who loved the Mage, did not like it when he was away!
The Mage told Annegrette in the lair to remain and stay!
The Mage knew what Annegrette would say!
"I will," retort Annegrette; but she will mostly likely play!
Annegrette fixed herself mead and ale!
She drank to quickly and started to look quite pale!
Annegrette needed air and walked in the hill and dale!
Two men surrounded Annegrette as she-Ouch-stepped on a nail!
Oh no! Drunken Annegrette had to spend the night in jail!
Annegrette arose with a head that said, oh!
Annegrette could not find her big toe!
You are in jail or do you not know!
Oh Annegrette! Woe! Woe!
Annegrette did stupid things! Oh no! Oh no!
The Mage did return to the Lair!
No Annegrette! Not anywhere!
Outside, following her locks of golden hair!
Enter the Castle Jail, before the Magistrate to appear!
Oh Annegrette! We do declare!
Entered Annegrette!
Two stumbly feet!
The Mage did her greet!
Annegrette smelled of ale as a dirty street!
Paid the fine and the offense-never repeat!
Said the Magistrate to Annegrette!
The Mage took Annegrette to the Lair, the Home!
Take a bath Annegrette you smell as an old bone!
Lesson learned; when drunk on ale, never roam!
The Mage hopped into the bath with pumice stone!
Happy Annegrette amidst bath bubbles, did ecstatically moan!
(written by margaretburns 1/21/18)

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Comment by Rosey on January 22, 2018 at 4:22am

Thank you Helela! It is part of my "Tell" of Annegrette (another name for Margaret-lol) and her Mage!!! It means alot from you! 

Comment by Helela on January 21, 2018 at 10:18pm

I really enjoyed this Rosey 

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