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Big Brother still acts as a boy!
He wants to play with his toy!
Current 93; we see him deploy-
Jet planes fly this secret ploy!
Chemtrails cause harm and destroy!
Singing HAARP; he so does enjoy!
Hiding from Our Divine Mother and playing coy!
Big Brother believes he is clever; such a boy!

Let me tell you true!
What HAARP wants to do!
Science project of a polar vortex!
Frequencies can be reached in your cortex!
Big Brother cares not as he has his fun!
Feeling powerful as he can block the sun!
Divine Mother is about to make him run!

Divine Mother is in a blissful trance,
With Divine Father in a sacred dance!
Sacred, Holy, and Pure romance!
Big Brother's greed desires more finance!
Size of ego and his toys swift enhance!
Ego desiring his toy's expanse!
Divine Mother momentary glance!
Divine Father stops and changes His stance!
Angered Father reviews from his hance!
Big Brother knows not of this advance!
Reality is, Big Brother has no chance!

The Children in the Current of the 93-
Safe are Her children; interwoven are we!
Divine Mother, does Big Brother see!
Angered; punishment is Willed by She!
The Father's ship arrived a year ago and three!

Big Brother thinks he is elite and high!
Ego swells up to the sky!
Cares less about the masses if they live or die!
Big Brother is a horrific guy!
Harken and given listening a try!
Watched is big Brother by the Sacred Eye!
This is not anything your money can buy!

Cosmic War is near an end!
Adversaries ally and amend!
Increase numbers of Ships to be sent in!
Big Brother, this you will not win!
Abuse of Our Goddess is an unforgivable sin!

Big Brother, The Father Created you!
Love, and gave knowledge to His Children, too!
His patience is about through!
Big Brother return to the Right Ways!
Limited are your number of days!
You can no longer have deadly play!
Divine Parents have the final say!
Ego keeps you far away!
Woe to you on Judgement Day!

(rewritten by margaretchristieburns 2/25/18)

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Comment by Rosey on March 15, 2018 at 5:07pm

Thank you Zaria! xo

Comment by Zaria Acacia on March 7, 2018 at 11:17pm

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