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The light dims in the darkness
As the clouds surround the nothing
Shimmering within the glares of space
I come from the land of no name and no name shall be placed upon me
Take my hand into the void for we shall walk the path of doom
See the sun set in the horizon and feel it turn to red
Mother, have you seen them walk this way
Don’t let them take my hand
All is the eyes mother and all they shall see

Tunnel of light surrounded by stars
Now see the past within the future
How many stars can u count on the horizon?
As the speed dissolves the shades,
No black into the white is summing
And no white into the black as well
Only gray matter into the nothingness evolving
As the void swallows all away,

See now foreign rock thrown this way
See the cheese become all blue
The reflection of the father it is as it shall be
No more and no less just reflection
Colour of light, reflected in the prism.
How many more do you need to tell you
Before you learn to speak,

Entwined into the fire I arise
Darkness surrounds me as I awaken
Void feeds me as death becomes me.
Path walked countless time is now open
The doors revealed, the key is turned, the lock is open.
Enter revelation as the light is dawning.
For light does not birth life, it sustains life,
Balance in the unity of liquid motion,
Speak with soul and soul shall hear.
Spirit knows yet not all reveals.

Fortunate are the loved ones for whom the moon shines,
Guides the way, dear Luna praised you are
For all the oceans and all the seas bow to ur majestic glow.
Feeling into your embrace of the night
As the healer of healers is awaken under the stars.

Forever into the forests of the beast I walk
Trees and flowers know no road,
Plan is not made in nature all exist in waves divine
See now the grass under your feet
And learn to live the magic,

One by one the stars are dyeing
Just to see them born again
So many of us are here brothers yet non are therefore to blame.
Nature works a magic in numbers and in sound
As the colours of the rainbow are passing
Only you and I will stay alive,
Formless I am and so are you
No limit shall surround the spirit divine
No name shall limit my soul
And no colour shall define my essence.
Fire walk with me.

Written by me. 

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Comment by Lilly on July 26, 2018 at 10:25pm

Awee thank you so much  Writing is my heart and soul. Its like breathing to me. 

Comment by Elspeth on July 26, 2018 at 3:53pm

Don't ever stop writing Lilly.

You have a gift. You paint pictures with words...I've only met a few who can do that properly xxxx

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