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Combinations of Different Beliefs/Practices & Multi-Cultural Fusion Via Collective Self-Entitlement?

Words but words and their finite definitions!

Combinations of different Belief and/or practices thereof along with the merging fusion of different Cultures have been happening since the very beginning of time.
Cultural Appropriation has been a fundamental dynamics of all Civilisations as inherent in the common understanding that New Forms of Expression whether in the Arts or in the Sciences, whether Objective or simply Subjective, they will arise from the Borrowed/Combined Elements.
Nothing pejorative at all, nor any men-made/invented Rules & Laws Violation of anything at all!

The Cult of making an Unhealthy and Harmful Fetish out of Traditions and Beliefs Systems is what Puritanical Thinking has done all along as it strives to achieve such abomination via very strict (men-made/invented) codes of values & codes of behaviour.
And all derived from its (again men-made/invented) Mythologies/Fables/Tales and then, "turned-into", "passed as" and "imposed as" Religion.
It is employed as if all of this primitive collection of pure Rubbish, Bigotry, Biases and Prejudices were literal mandates, rules and laws for all people on Earth to abide by, and of course, under the Lame Excuse of (men-made/invented) God-Sent & Divine Guidance...
Something of supposedly presuming itself to Being the only Right Religion for all, the only proper Morals for all, the only corrected Ethics for all, etc, ad nauseum...

However without any real & truly factual Value & Authority, without any Merits, without any proven Integrity beyond its "Belief and Language" and those people who choose to subject their Intelligence to surrender to this Rubbish and to the morons who made-up/invented it all.

Wilful Ignorance, Fanaticism, Hatred Against Any Differences, Bigotry against the Merging and Fusion of different Cultures, Hatred Against the Uniting of different Belief and Languages...
Permanence, folks, it is indeed and truly something which has always been unnatural since the beginning of time because the only thing permanent in all Existence is Change.

The stupid and unenlightened Argument of Attempting To Keeping Cultures "pure", also, of keeping Races pure, and also, of keeping Big/Rich mainstream Religions and the Governments who bed them, In Charge/Command of the World can be fully translated into what it really is, it is called the Keeping of the Majority of the World Population Dis-informed / Misinformed, Controlled, Poisoned & Stupid/Ignorant enough "Not To Be Able/Capable" to ever Exercise any Well-Informed, Cultured, Intelligent and Wise "Critical Thinking" on Their own behalf and on behalf of their very best interests, whether it be individually, or collectively!

That it is what their holy "Morals & Ethics" have been and still are all about – A minority Elite of 1% of the World Population who keep the Crowds at odds with each other so that they do not unite and actually overthrow and put an end to the world 1% minority Elite who oppresses them from cradle to grave.

All this talk of Religious/Pure this or that, folks, it is absolutely rubbish, I mean real Bullshit and unworthy of any time or consideration!

Traditions no matter how great, beautiful and benign they are...
They are always under the eternal Knife/Sword of Time which will carve it finer and finer as a rough Diamond being polished...
The difference is that with Diamond, one reaches a point of desirable results and one ceases to polish it.

Traditions however are similar to everything that it is allowed to exist, all Traditions are neither Complete nor Perfect.
All Traditions have always been and they still are Works-in-Progress.
All Traditions have always been and still are "subject to" Eternal / Infinite New Discoveries and all of their unavoidable Eternal Changes...

At the end of the day, any Culture and any Academia worth its body of Intelligence/Information and Wisdom, must bow down to the Dynamics of Eternal & Infinite Evolution, in other words, they must surrender to Changes.

The only Eternal, Infinite and Permanent Constant is “CHANGE”.
Freedom abides always with/in Eternal Evolution!

 At our Species' Level of Being and inside this Location and Time-band - Everything Comes From Belief & Language!
But do remember, the fact also is, eternal, infinite Evolution comes to All, Everything and Everyone!

Need I say more?
I suppose Not!
Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon


Yes! We’ve invented/made-up All of the Divisions of this World, so that we could introduce Separatism amidst our Sharing.
As a result, we’ve got 1% of the world population helping itself by appropriating most of everything and anything of value on Earth...
And the other 99% of the world population who always has lesser and lesser and indeed much lesser, all because it has always been constantly looted, abused, discredited, kept-ignorant, kept-passive-and-obedient, kept-uneducated, kept-in-fear, kept-without-adequate-means, and fully dis-appropriated by the other 1% world population who thinks of themselves as the sole Owners of All, of Everything and of Everybody else!

By the way, Syncretism, Amalgamation Of Different Values along with Cultural Appropriation have been happening since the beginning of time at all levels and at all cultures...

This Species, human beings, we are Social by Nature and we are always either "Seeking the Perfection which has No Completion", or yet, "Seeking the Completion whose Perfection will always Be Missing. I reckon it is a fact... What's the bloody matter with us?

Jung once told us in his works, that Completion has never met Perfection and vice-versa.
And he was rightfully correct to say so!
Because the imposition of the variable of "Time, Space and Matter" under "Infinite and Eternal CHANGE". And it is Unavoidable to All, Everything and Everyone who are allowed to exist.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

p.s. Not meant, nor intended as a determinant to anybody!
To each, their own Wisdom and all rewards thereof.

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