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Astral Invasion / Psychic Attack

Astral Invasion or Psychic Attack is a much more common occurrence than might
be initially believed. It is an unpleasant admittance to make, but
personalities do exist which, consciously or unconsciously, contain malevolent
faculties and are capable of transmitting dangerous amounts of negative energy
from mind to mind. This description applies to both Astral Invasion and
Psychic Attack. However, a difference lies in the method of energy
In Astral Invasion, a contact is made extra-physically, in the "dream-state" or
"astral plane," whereas, in the case of Psychic Attack, the transference itself
takes on physical characteristics in the conscious, physical world. Of the
two, Astral Invasion is by far the most subtle and insidious, as the entire
process may occur without the victim even realizing what is happening. It is a
bastardization of the power of "Astral Projection," usually a healing and
beneficial gift, in which a person willingly "exits" his or her body and
travels in the ethereal astral plane. In these instances, an astral traveler
may view his or her own body lying unconscious or asleep beneath him and may
travel great distances or pass through solid matter as easily as a ghost might
and, very rarely, may even transverse dimensional barriers to visit alternate
realities from our own. When traveling in such a manner, an astral form is
still connected to its physical being by a strong psychic connection known as a
"Silver Cord." It is this connection which allows travelers the means to
"find" themselves and return to concrete reality. An Astral Attack is
generally an attack on this cord, which, when severed, can result in a damaging
separation of Form and Spirit. The damage caused is gradual and may not be
noticed by a victim at all. Obvious signs are sudden physical weakness;
constant, general fatigue; dark mood swings and despair; and a severe tendency
toward vomiting. If reparation is not made, the damage will eventually result
in death, usually the physical cause of which is a greatly weakened immune
system. If the Cord is severed while a mind is traveling astrally, it may also
result in a sort of permanent coma, the body lying forever dormant while the
victim's consciousness spins off into dimensional oblivion. It takes a strong
will to sever a Silver Cord, but there are those who can exert the psychic
force necessary, although they don't always realize what they are doing.
Sadly, though, many do have the will to harm others this way, and they often do!
Psychic Attack, on the other hand, is a much more physical threat than Astral
Invasion. This does make it a little easier to guard against, but it is just
as dire a threat. A Psychic Attack is a concentration of pure mental will,
focused into a few different patterns of attack:
The effect of setting a victim on fire, a sort of orchestrated spontaneous
combustion, sometimes leaving an octopoid-shaped burn at the victim's Chakra
This attack produces a strong physical force with the same effect as an actual
physical blow, the strength of which depends on the willpower of the attacker.
A telekinetic attack can also physically damage a victim's nervous system,
"shorting out" various nerves and synapses throughout the victim's central
nervous system, resulting in anything from a bad headache to causing the
victim's head to explode with a great force (as seen in the feature motion
picture "Scanners").
This is a willful insertion of thoughts or ideas into a victim's mind,
sometimes in the form of "voices" commanding the victim to perform various
actions, either with the intent of controlling the victim's mind or driving him
or her completely insane. Many schizophrenics have actually been found to have
been attacked in this manner and driven over the edge. With sufficient mental
weakening, a victim may indeed come under the total sway of the attacker, whose
will has now replaces his or her own.
Psychic Attack is much less subtle than its astral cousin. Very often a
victim's raw will is enough to counter an attack even on a subconscious level.
so that the victim is not even aware he or she has been attacked! This happens
regularly and is actually a natural component of human interaction; it only
becomes a threat when it is done willfully and with lethal intent. Most often
it is no different than a pair of rams butting horns on a mountain steppe! It
is simply a way we associate with each other and ascertain threats. But that
doesn't make the exceptions any less dangerous. It is always best to be
careful, avoiding those why may stare balefully for too long or seem to have a
glazed expression, but, unfortunately, it isn't always possible to avoid harm's
path. Psychic Attack and Astral Invasion are becoming more common as humankind
slowly evolves and the human brain becomes more complex. Unfortunately, the
sort of prevention and protection that Hillhouse Investigations provide is
becoming more and more necessary. 



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