Temple Illuminatus

Long ago lived a Maiden and a Mage!

Three and twenty years difference in their age!

The Maiden a wise student, desired to be a Sage!

The Mage, unto the Maiden, did often surprise and amaze!

The Maiden a student of He, her eyes upon Him in awing gaze!

Dreaming of Him; dancing and swirling; her eyes did become glazed!

Thoughts melted into Dreamscape in splendor haze!

The Maiden was in love with The Mage!

The Maiden Annegrette,

Did The Mage greet!

The Mage said to stand upright on her feet!

Today, He had a special treat!

Manifest a new magickal feat!

Stand inside the circle and take no seat!

Something new the Maiden would meet!

Annegrette prepared for her surprise,

Stepping into the circle, inside!

Passionate embers hidden in her heart deep and wide-

Titillation watching The Mage made her blood pressure rise!

The Mage's voice vibrating resonate chants and cries!

Annegrette's body was small in size,

The Maiden's form did tremour and quake,

Magickal energies inflaming her aura as she shakes!

Euphoria The Mage did create-no mistake!

The Maiden, from The Mage did learn-

That He, passionate love and lust for her, did yearn!

The Mage, unto Annegrette did say-

He needed her to think of exiting away,

Loving her, had changed His ways!

Startled Annegrette, said unto Him, this a new day!

I understand You, MiLord, you do not play!

Why must I go away?

My heart-deep in love with You-if I may-

Magickal clouds intertwined-

The Maiden and The Mage celebrated drinking wine!

Emotional bonds; attached chakras, thick to fine!

Sacred, holy union two One!

Annegrette, a Woman, radiating brighter than the sun!

True Love Divine, as magickal truth had begun!

The Maiden and The Mage...eternall changing...never to be undone!

(published by margaretburns10/3/14)

(Chord I of Tells of Annegrette and The Mage ©margaretburns 10/10/15)

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