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11    "The Visionary"   (the power of creative forces and the necessary lesson of balance) 


11 is the number of combined forces. It represents and symbolizes the physical form merging with the invisible energies of imagination, creativity, inspiration, belief, and desire. 


An individual associated with the Master number 11 will usually be a teacher, artist, mystic, leader, or philosopher. They will be charismatic, friendly, warm, inviting, but will also be mysterious and enigmatic. 



Roman Numeral: XI

Divisors: 1, 111



Religious & Mythological  Perspective:


  • Chinese Secret Societies place 11 flags in baskets of Rice to honor the Founders
  • 11 is the number of Tao
  • 5=Microcosm, 6=Macrocosm; 5+6=11 ("the marriage of Heaven and Hell")
  • In Esoteric African thought 11 is a holy number that symbolizes fertility for the following reasons: 
  • Women have 11 body openings, and men have 9
  • It is believed to take 11 days for the sperm to reach the ovum
  • The child born of the woman with 11 body openings is granted 11 divine powers
  • Christian Philosopher, St. Augustine said, "the number 11 is the Blazon of sin"


Numerological Significance:


The vibrational energy of a Master Number is more intense than a single digit number (1-9), and in fact a master number is the doubled energy of its consisting prime; in this case the energetic vibrations of the #1 are doubled. These vibrations can either manifest in the positive or the negative.




  • The # 11 has a vibrational frequency of balance: masculine & feminine, sun & moon energy, thought & spirit, work & play. 
  • 11 represents higher ideals, imagination, awareness,  invention, sensitivity, the power of creative manifestation,  refinement, congruency, balance, fulfillment, & vision [mostly right brain qualities] 
  • Lifepath #11:  idealistic, romantic, nurturing, empathic, educational. Major focus should be on learning to listen and trust intuition, and the mastery of esoteric knowledge to achieve higher states of consciousness. YOU WILL YEARN TO LEAVE AN IMPRINT ON MANKIND




  • Some Examples of individuals in history whose Name energies equal 11: Aileen Wournos, Charles Manson, Karla Homolka, Jack the Ripper, Genghis Khan
  • If you 11 is a strong feature in your personal  numerological reading you will necessarily have to Master yourself to best use the powerful energies of the #11
  • Mastery requires an abundance of experiences that are negative and positive and a serious pursuit of metaphysical and spiritual knowledge. 
  • The 11 symbolizes an enlargement of one of the "pillars" of the universe which is represented by the # 10. This enlargement of perfection 10 to 11 is due to excess, extravagance, and disorder. 





  • An 11th chord has almost every note of the diatonic scale 
  • WWI ended on 11, 11, 1918
  • 11 is found throughout the lyrics of Tool's song "Jimmy" 
  • American Airlines flight 11 crashed into the World Trade Center on 9/11, 2001
  • The following sports have 11 players on the field at any given time: cricket, soccer, field hockey, and American Football
  • A sunspot cycle is 11 years
  • In M-Theory (or String Theory) there are 11 space-time dimensions
  • An 11 sided polygon is called a Hendecagon 
  • 11 is seen as 11 when reflected in a mirror; 11 is also seen as 11 whether the calculator is upside-down or right side-up
  • In the Basque Language the word "eleven" also means "infinite"
  • The 11th moon of Jupiter is Himalia 



Tarot Card Association: Justice 


Zodiac: the 11th sign of the Zodiac is Aquarius (we are now currently in the Age of Aquarius) 





Lagan, Heather Alicia: Chaldean Numerology for Beginners 




Chevalier, Jean & Gheerbrant, Alain: The Penguin Dictionary of symbols





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