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Are You a Witch? Signs and Characteristics

If you feel a little different from other people. If you don’t quite fit in. If your interests seem to veer wildly from those of people you are close to. If animals are drawn to you. If you feel at home in nature and comfortable in the dark… it’s quite possible you might be a witch.

What Is a Witch?

This is a difficult question because, there are literally hundreds of different kinds of witches, and witchcraft traditions can vary wildly from place to place and person to person. However, the kind of witch I am writing about is pretty straightforward. Put simply, in my world, a witch is a wise woman (or man) who uses energy to make things happen.

Signs You Might Be a Witch

Maybe you can relate to several of the following witch characteristics?

  • You dislike crowds. The energy of all those people seems to swirl and eddy around you. You often get a headache, or feel grumpy, or slightly ill if you have been stuck in the middle of a large crowd.
  • You have always been able to rely on your intuition. Whenever you needed to make a snap judgment, your intuition has kicked in to guide you. If you’ve been unsure about someone’s motives, your intuition got you right out of that situation. If you’ve anguished over a decision and in the end decided to go with your gut, you were following your intuition and I expect it was spot on.
  • Death and what happens to us when we die has always fascinated you. You often feel as though people who have passed haven’t gone anywhere at all. They are just behind a thin veil and have their quirks and characters just like the living. At the same time, you know we are all part of one whole
  • How About These Witch Characteristics?

      • You are a sponge for knowledge. You love to read and discover new things constantly. You love to be awed by the simplicity and complexities of the Universe.
      • You feel energy. Whether it is in your hands, or flowing through you, or swirling around you, you know it is a real thing. Just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there.
      • You’ve always been attracted to the ‘Dark Arts’. Perhaps tarot, astrology, spell work, or healing. You believe there is so much about us, and the world, that we don’t understand, but the more you learn about witchcraft, the more you want to learn.
      • You are easily able to ascertain the energy of any place you visit. You can read the emotions that have been impressed on a building in the past. Sometimes you just have to leave if it becomes too overwhelming. Other times, you feel you can exert a calming influence. Occasionally it seems as though you have visited a place before even though you are sure you haven’t
      • When you are in nature, walking in the woods, on the heath or in a beautiful park, you feel as if that’s where you belong. It restores your very being to reconnect with grass and trees, ocean and rocks.
      • https://exemplore.com/wicca-witchcraft/Are-You-a-Witch-Signs-and-Characteristics-of-a-Witch

Discussion Forum

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Witch – Etymology: Middle English wicche, from Old English wicca, masculine, wizard & wicce, feminine, witch; akin to Middle High German wicken to bewitch, Old English wigle divination, and perhaps to Old High German wîh holy. (Meriam Webster…Continue

Winter Magick

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