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Still-born Silence! thou that art Floodgate of the deeper heart. ~Richard Flecknoe~

Some of the geatest battles will be fought within the silent chambers of your own soul. ~Ezra Taft Benson

~I purge my soul and heart of this shroud that encased ...this pain and illusion that stained my skin and spirit like burnt cinders-the darkened ash flowing as obsidian tears ---that of Self -that of past- that of all which stole my breath...

Standing upon horizons verge

captured beauty within my gaze.

As the sun and moon dance.

In reflected motion.

Ever awake, ever asleep.

Riding the tidal waves of light and shadow.

Dancing in fluent motion

To subtle harmonic tones.

That echo the calling to my soul.

A veil of darkness

surrounded my silouette.

Stealing my breath and mind.

Caotic bursts of anguish.

Surged through my veins.

Like a dagger.

stripping and tearing me apart.

How relentless the mighty scythe struck.

As the grim reaper stood by.

With a smirked grin and hollowed eyes.

That penerated the sanctum of my core.

Standing my ground.

Sheild and sword tightly in my grip


Refusing to bow

to it's cold embrace.

As a mist swept in.

Surrounding and encompassing.

The obisidian creature and I.

Turning the elusive form into ash.

Releasing me as I breathed in.

Through parted lips.

The light that weaved around me.

Filling my core with warmth and love again.

Becoming one with the universe.

As the shackles of days gone by.

Merge into distant memories.

That could not ovetake me.

For once again I transform.

Into the being I was destined to be.

A fallen angel who upon gossamer wings.

Soars in freedom.

Singing the song of my heart.

An orchestrated sonnet.

Note for note.

Beat for beat.

Cradling the flame of life within my hands.

Crystal droplets cascade down albatar skin.

Indigo Tears Of My Smiling Soul.

For beyond horizons verge

I see a new dawn............a new beginning.


Life is a stream

On which we strew

Petal by petal the flower of our heart;

The end lost in dream,

They float past our view,

We only watch their glad,

early start.

Freighted with hope,

Crimsoned with joy,

We scatter the leaves of our opening rose;

Their widening scope,

Their distant employ,

We never shall know.

And the stream as it flows

Sweeps them away,

Each one is gone

Ever beyond into infinite ways.

We alone stay

While years hurry on,

The flower fared forth, though its fragrance still strong,,,


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Beautiful, as always...

Thankyou dear SiStar for taking time to read my post and commenting. I deeply appreciate You and your feedback. As a fellow writer yourself -words are a release of all that binds spirit whether it is of light or of shadow. When delving deeper into Self- at times the way to cleanse the soul-heart-mind-spirit is to expel the negative- to embrace the positive- to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Once the ash is blow away-a new beginning happens. For me writing poetry is that gentle release of all that enfolds me- pain-beauty-joy-sorrow. The weight lifted so thy plumes can vibrate once again. Soaring in grace and freedom. To become Love once again-reconnecting with Source- with all surrounding- the breath of the Universe -the Flame of Life itself..never to bend nor break but to learn and grow- through finding the INNER STRENGTH that was always there...the LIGHT OF SELF resurrected.
Much Love to you ox

Yes, indeed, it is all of that and then, some...is the opening of the cover and letting the spirit to float out, also.

A very healing technique, but with words, I also do it with images, because I am mainly a painter, and that is what I pursued even before the words pictures.

But yes, this is the way we connect with our inner being and get to know ourselves!

Much love to you, also!


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