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Welcome to the Writer's Realm! Please share your writings as we may experience your magick  through the mode of written expression!

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Please share your work as your heart feels! This is a group to share work and some may be copyrighted by members. It is a place to share and exchange ideas. If one is a published author, you are welcome to share but this group is a place for writing of all types and we have The Market Place group if you wish to share links to your books so one may purchase your writings!

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An Introduction to the Harlem Renaissance

Started by Linda M.. Last reply by savlove May 16. 1 Reply

Tracing the poetic work of this crucial cultural and artistic movement.We younger Negro artists who create now intend to express our individual dark-skinned selves without fear or shame. If white people are pleased we are glad. If they are not, it…Continue


Started by Cluthin Drew. Last reply by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland Mar 26. 7 Replies

                       How mournful is the Couroughs cry            How darkly silent stands the hall            Now no hounds hunt across the sky            And silence on the mound doth fall.             Once where slept the hosts of…Continue

Some of My Poetry

Started by Saba. Last reply by Saba Mar 25. 8 Replies

Hi everyone! Rosey said to create a discussion so my poems didn't get lost in the comments. I'd really appreciate feedback....all my poems can be found at:My Poetry…Continue

Yesitively Horizondent

Started by savlove. Last reply by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland Jan 25. 1 Reply

      "We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words"                                                                                                     -----   John Fowles        Journalism teachers have always taught…Continue

Tags: Savlove, John

Rosey's Great Work

Started by Zaria Acacia. Last reply by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland Jan 5. 5 Replies

Posted by Rosey on December 22, 2014 at 2:00pm  OMG!(image not credited)OMG!...You...I ecstatically scream!Searing...rainfall...white glistening…Continue

Catherine Sarah's Great Work: Helping humanity to Ascend; Writing; Agape

Started by Zaria Acacia. Last reply by Rosey Jan 1. 2 Replies

Posted by Rosey on December 22, 2014 at 4:29pm Moral ConductWhen you are hurt by someone, or if a person does you wrong, your first reflex is generally to seek revenge,…Continue

my america (a 2003 reprint)

Started by savlove. Last reply by Elspeth Jan 1. 5 Replies

The New American Prototype       The phrase “kinds of Americans” directly addresses the American character because our very diversity defines us. The Puritan settler, the African slave, the Diaspora Jew, the Irish, Italian, Asian, Hispanic –…Continue

Tags: music, writing, prose, save, love

Until Next Time

Started by Rebecca Hessey. Last reply by Rebecca Hessey Oct 24, 2017. 6 Replies

Summer says goodbye with a breathOf brilliant blessing breezesGo forth, my good ones, and I shall see you In the season’s changeFall, she leaves, forlorn and torn betweenWanting to stay but having nothing left to giveGo forth, my good ones, and I…Continue

Tags: spring, poem, poetry, autumn, fall

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Comment by Zaria Acacia on March 22, 2018 at 5:58pm

Thanks for sharing your wonderful work with us 

Comment by Rosey on March 22, 2018 at 5:01pm

These are beautiful Lux Phoenix! If you put them in a discussion they will not get lost in our comment board and easier to read and share like on FB-if ok with you!

Comment by Saba on March 22, 2018 at 4:24pm

The Fairy Circle

Crescent shadows of a glimmering moon,
Illuminate the secrets of her being.
Walking on water, cool and blue,
She reflects the Heaven she's living.

Gliding smooth as silken chocolate, 
Exploring the forests of her mind.
Twisted branches sway her heart,
Turning from the broken compass of time. 

Your spots she sees them, on your leopard hide,
She hear the roars that fall defeaned.
Marks and patterns bloom furs of roses,
And with your bittersweet smell she's taken. 

She tiptoes deftly through the leaves,
Gentle as the Goddess' embrace,
Firmly in the circled fairy garden, 
Where time never erodes in waste.

Run, child, run to me, and find your hidden safe.
Come, child, come to me, quickly and seek.
Fly, child, fly to me; to the ivy lock.
See, child, just believe; you possess the key.

Comment by Saba on March 22, 2018 at 4:23pm

The Black Shaman

What say my turquoise dreams?
My neck branded with hieroglyphics,
And hair of flaming ocean seas.
Swimming in my demention of loneliness.

The folded, broken wings of a tragic butterfly,
Who never soared the aqua skies,
She's still not sure what it is to be alive;
She was never really born; still waiting.

What happens to your soul when you destroy an Angel?
Did you rip out your wings along with mine?
Is your Hell a Heaven of darkness for your black heart?
Do you revel in your karma; glorifying glee in the fire?

When you glance at your broken reflection in the mirror,
How can you smile so, reveling in the evil; brushing your hair..
Sucking in everything around you.
Drinking deep of the pain you inflicted,
An energy vampire; fallen Shaman faded away without a care.

You dance daily on my grave.
You chant daily on my grave.
You pray to demons daily on my grave.
I am not dead yet; not in that way.

I will never break free of my chrysalis,
Your poison deformed my transformation. 
My entire being burns from your poison.
I wish for my peace that waits at my end.

You will never stop hunting me.
You will never stop haunting me.
Every day you kill my soul a little more.
I am imprisoned; too weak to break free.

I am a cursed Prophet of love and suffering 
Comment by Saba on March 22, 2018 at 4:22pm

The truth is in the water

The truth is in the water;
Sweet coolness of your breath.
Swimming cyclone carousels,
Fly their shadows in my head.

Stop locking the gates of garden's keep, 
Finally free your wild, blistered heart;
Run forth to embrace the light you seek,
Learn to love yourself, gently; so soft.

It's so hard to let go, to release the dark,
An addictive misery of my inverted thoughts.
My consistent cycle that never ends,
A definition of insanity, over and over again.

My healing began with forgiveness,
But still the progress is a mere crawl.
Clawing onward through the heathen dirt,
I'm fighting, bleeding, each and every fall.

My greatest nemesis rides the saddle of my soul.
My worst friend refuses to leave its mission.
They reflect bound, as harnessed mirrors,
The Mount Everest challenge, simply to live.

The truth is in the water, majestic in its furied journey.
Still and calm, shining lakes of glistening pools; 
Tumbling and crashing against steadfast stones,
Breathe out your pain and let the Spirits speak to you.
Comment by Saba on March 22, 2018 at 4:20pm

My Poetry Page

^You can find my poetry there, but I wanted to share a few poems in full post:


You know I cry on hopeful lies,
From the molten lava of my mind.
Where scorched souls scream,
And madness thrives.

Haunted by missing memories,
They stole me,
They stole me;

Somehow in that black I fought;
Cried for help to perverted ears.
Terrified, naked and shamed;
How they laughed upon recall.

what is the cost?
what is the price?
I pay it for being strong;
I pay it for being alive.

Demented beings named Holy Light;
I'm the Angel seen as Demon.
Empty flashbacks steal my nights;
And I'm left behind again.

Evil can not be saved,
Yet is most loved; 
Except by me;
I walk my way…alone. 

Shame on you,
You know where I’ve been.
Yet I’m left behind,
Abandoned by yet another friend.
Comment by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland on October 25, 2017 at 11:00am

Wonderful poetry Gyhldeptis and Deepak, could you translate your wife's poetry into ...

It is beautiful in Sanskrit, but the meaning to me is missing!

Comment by Deepak Menon on October 19, 2017 at 6:40am

An excerpt from my wife Abha Menon's 5 Star classic book - Wisdom of the Ancients PATHWAYS OF LIFE now available on amazon and all book platforms worldwide




SANSKRIT SHLOKA (संस्कृत श्लोक): -

येषां न विद्या न तपो न दानं ज्ञानं न शीलं न गुणों न धर्मः ।

ते मृत्यु लोके भुविभारभूतः मनुष्य रूपेण मृगाश्चरन्ति ।।


yeshaam na vidya na tapo na daanam gyaanam na sheelam na gunon na dharmah 
te mrityu loke bhuvibhaarabhootah manushya roopen mrigaashcharanti



जो मनुष्य बिना ज्ञान के, बिना वृद्ध लोगों के प्रति सम्मान के, बिना बुद्धि के, बिना अच्छे आचरण के, बिना गुणों के जीता है और अपने कर्तव्यों से भी अनजान है, वह मनुष्य पृथ्वी पर बोझ है ।

इस प्रकर का परुष मानव के रूप में एक चरने वाले हिरण जैसा है ।


Jo manushya bina gyaan ke, bina vrdidh logon

 ke liye sammaan ke, bina buddhi ke, bina

achchhe aacharan ke, bina gunon ke aur Apne

kartavyon se bhi anajaan hai, prthvee par bojh hai.
Iss prakar ka parush maanav ke roop mein ek charane vaale hiran kee tarah hai.


A human who is without knowledge, without respect for elders, without charity, without wisdom, without good conduct, without virtues and unaware of his duty, is a burden on the Earth. He is like a grazing deer in the form of a human.

NOTES SECTION: (For readers to evaluate their own life paths in the context of this Shloka): -













Comment by Zaria Acacia on October 18, 2017 at 10:36pm

The Dark Matriarch


Cimmerian of hue
Th’enduring Matriarch,
Corporeal yet incorporeal
Dwelleth She
In glorious mansions infinite
Bedecked in swirling melismas
Of kaleidoscopic brilliance
And in deep dark wells
Whence none may find egress.

Her fingers yet caress
Each bright assemblage
That be Her jewellèd form
And venerated disposition - aye too, 
In spaces all that linger well
As soundless sentinels
To bed Her children down
In quietude secure,
She lives Her lovely life.

Constant in growth She moves,
Outspreading All within The One -
An everlasting wonder iridescent, 
Veracity in resolute perfection.

We see, we feel and understand
The pledge of life profuse
And all our yesterdays,
All our years extant,
Yea all our firm futurity
Are bound as one
In ageless perpetuity.


Within my heart and soul She roams ~
My silent spirit Her sweet breath,
Until She summoneth me
From paths of consummation
To swiftly homeward steer
For Kaer Pedryfan,
The celestial bliss
Of Gwynfa Gorawen.*

(* Paradise of Rapture)

copyright ©  Gareth Pengwerin 2014
(from my website 'Kaer Dathyl')

Comment by Zaria Acacia on October 18, 2017 at 10:35pm

Y Fam Ddu

(The Dark Mother)

Darkness in density abounded, 
Thriving in profundity bizarre. 
Extent and span e’en depth were naught, 
For neither was dimension understood
Nor aeon nor existence 
Nor yet vibration brief,
As mystique and All were one. 
Still 'All' was reverie and aspiration 
Ere outspread this compact umbra 
   Beyond the veilèd heart of Gwynfyd.*

Lo within this dimmest gyre -
Discernment deep of purpose, 
Maidenhood, tumescence,
 Acuity of uterine proclivity. 
And ere She deignèd sail abroad 
On unseen ocean inexplicable - 
(A viscous void to grow apace 
With deepest voyages perpetual), 
Her sovenance and sail She raised 
To chart Her untold quests profound.

Thus Being and becoming 
Were as one 
Until each nascent form 
(her cherished brood)
Was swift devoured 
At dissolution of a cycle 
Or an aeon.

So Mater and Sustainer were as one 
  Ere each and every soul be laved 
     By Mae'r Golchwr y Rhyd.**

If She deignèd speak
 E’en for an instant - 
Tone ringing on
 In sweet bright resonance 
As time itself had gelled 
Like echoes in some vast high hall 
That cannot die 
But linger long, 
Her subtle siren voice would seize thy will. 
The timbre – aye and intonation chaste 
Would sure engulf thee swift 
Within the dark well+ of Eternity.

To see The Mother Dark in Her totality 
Would clearly strip thy mind of every sense, 
Stilling all perception and deep memory 
Of things well known or yet incomprehensible, 
‘til thou become one jot within the Realm 
Of blessedness and wondrous peace - 
Gwynfyd, the womb-like fond abode 
And solace for each spirit bright, 
Thy dedicated domicile and destiny.

So parent and Her child embrace;
Tear falls to the Eternal Sea;
Essence with essence;
Spirit with spirit;
All is still 

*Paradise = ‘Be-ness’ or ‘Sat’ in Tantric Doctrine

             **The Washer of The Ford

(pronounced "Mire Golchoor uh chrid") - ch hard as in ‘loch'.


+ Does this also hint at the functionality

of black holes in the area of Cosmic 'houskeeping'? 

copyright © Gareth Pengwerin, December 2012


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