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I'm working in groups tonight....what does that phrase mean to you?

     Well, for me, it means I'll be spending about a half hour in each group.  this is why I can only do a few on any selected night.

     First off, I scan through and see if anything needs my attention.  After that I add a discussion, sometimes two but never more then that.  Yes, it's tempting, if you find a great link, to add a whole bunch, or if you get on a creative kick, and really feel like writing.  But I've discovered you  tend to get more replies if you just do a couple.  

     There are ways around this.  Sometimes the discussions you found can go into another group.  If not, I use my sticky notes app, and record the link, or I just bookmark it for later use.  There seemed to be some confusion with my sticky notes.  No, I'm not putting sticky notes all over my laptop.  lol  It's an app.  Admittedly I do have a note book I use too, a real one with paper and everything;

     Okay, I'm digressing here.  I've scanned the group for problems, and I've written a discussion.  Next, I un-feature, and add different featured discussions.  After that, I go through and try to add a response to a couple of discussions not written by me.  I like to take my time with this one, so I don't have to resort to, 'great post.'  Obviously, it doesn't always work out like that, my mind goes on vacation and that's it.

     the next and last is the comment wall.  I add some pictures, and these days with links, hoping to inspire more discussions. Sometimes I add a favorite video too .

     The one last  thing I've learned in my years here, always, if someone answers your discussion, or someone's, always answer back.  they took the time to read the discussion and add an answer, plus, it helps to promote discussion(thanks Bryan)

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You’re such a hard worker.. so proud of you sis .. love ya

Linda....just to let u know u are doing a fabulous job & i'm so glad i found this site & joined......i appreciate all the hard work u must put into this....thank UImage result for witchy thank u

Many thanks, both Zaria and Jack.

You’re welcome 

Very interesting the way you work.
I, as a commentator, leave a comment even though it is "Great post."
As an administrator I comment on and respond to the comment response for each blog, image, photo, whatever.
Sometimes it may not be the same day on all sites, as I participate in 28 sites outside public social networks.

Trust me, sometimes it takes me a quite a few days too.  And I only admin 3 sites, but that doesn't include all the groups and then fb groups...it's endless.  I don't know how you can keep 28 straight.  lol

Dear Linda,
I do not even know.
Some sites are without movement.
In compensation others have a lot of movement.
This year I stopped administering two but I was nominated for others.
As long as possible I will participate.

Sometimes I too end up with 'Great post' or something of that ilk.  It isn't always easy to come up with something else...my mind takes a vacation sometimes.

It's nice.


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