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tcm slow cooked cordyceps militaris chicken soup recipe

Cordyceps Militaris ( 蟲草花 ), also known as Cultivated Cordyceps or Cordyceps Flower, is an edible fruiting body which is cultivated from the fungus species Cordyceps Sinensis.

For those who are into Chinese tonics, Cordyceps ( 冬虫草) are known to be an extremely expensive herb due to their TCM properties to help replenish one’s energy, improve respiratory health and stamina, as well as fortify the body’s immune system.

tcm hockhua tonic cordyceps militaris conpoy wolfberries recipe

In recent years, the popularity of Cordyceps Militaris ( 蟲草花 ) grew rapidly due to their affordable prices as compared to Cordyceps. I have tried different versions of Chinese soups in restaurants using this herb which is known to support healthy lungs and kidney. I love the mushroomy texture which is completely different from Cordyceps. The latest makan session I had with my girlfriend at The Good Trio ( 三人行 ) got me really intrigued and I was really game to try making this at home.

traditional chinese medicine cordyceps stroma recipe

I found this packet of Cordyceps Militaris in a Chinese Medical Hall located in Yew Tee Square. They named it as Cordyceps Stroma although the Chinese name is also 蟲草花. They are selling it at SGD 12 for 37.5g, but you kinda save a bit if you purchase two packets.

hockhua tonic cordyceps militaris chicken soup recipe

Using similar ingredients from the soup I tasted at The Good Trio, out come my version of the Tasty Slow-Cooked Cordyceps Militaris Chicken Soup ( 蟲草花鸡汤 ). This will definitely add to my family’s list of favourite soups!

traditional chinese herbs hockhua tonic cordyceps militaris recipe

Well, I also found HockHua Tonic (福華補品) selling the Cordyceps Militaris recently but at a much cheaper price; just SGD 13 for 100g. In fact, they have another version with a much lower price but I was told that this is of better quality. Have you tried cooking with this herb?

traditional chinese herbs cordyceps militaris soup dried scallops

( Serves 4 – 5 )
½ Chicken
15g Cordyceps Militaris ( 蟲草花 )
10g Wolfberries / Goji ( 枸杞子 )
15g Conpoy / Dried Scallops ( 瑶柱 /干貝 )
1.5 litre Water
1 – 2 tsp Salt
Pepper to taste

hockhua tonic cordyceps militaris slow cooker chicken soup


    • Soak conpoy and cordyceps militaris till soft.
    • Prepare chicken by removing the skin and fats for a healthier version. Blanch with water.
    • Put chicken and the rest of the ingredients into slow cooker except wolfberries. Add boiling water and put cooker on high heat for about 2 hours.
    • Rinse and soak wolfberries for couple of minutes. Drain and add to soup just about 10 minutes before serving soup. Wolfberries do not require long cooking time.
chinese tonic cordyceps militaris chicken conpoy soup recipe
  • Add salt and pepper and serve your Healthy Slow-Cooked Cordyceps Militaris Chicken Soup ( 蟲草花鸡汤 ) piping hot!

* Tip: Alternatively, you can place the ingredients into the slower cooker the night before and put it to auto mode to cook. This tasty soup will be ready for your consumption the next day. Enjoy!

yummy crystallized yam sticks with sesame seeds recipes

The Good Trio ( 三人行 ) serves really good food, and another dish you can try there is their Caramelized Yam Sticks ( 拔丝芋头 ). But if you wanna attempt making your own, hop over to my Yummy Crystallized Yam Sticks with Sesame Seeds ( 麦芽糖拔丝芋头 ) and get cooking!

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