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A Free Guide to Observing the Planet Jupiter

A Free Guide to Observing the Planet Jupiter

JupiterJupiter is one of the brightest objects in the night sky. It’s always brighter than any star, and it’s only outshone by the planet Venus and the Moon, and, very rarely, by Mars and Mercury.  This short guide takes you on a tour of Jupiter and shows you how to see and understand the fascinating features on the face of this this big planet.

(Publisher’s Note: This guide to Jupiter is adapted from the year-long astronomy course called The Art of Stargazing.  This course is offered once a year at One-Minute Astronomer, and will be open to new students during the first week of March 2014).

In this guide to the planet Jupiter, you will discover…

  • Where to look for Jupiter in 2014 in the northern and southern hemispheres
  • The structure of Jupiter and the “geography” of its visible face
  • How to observe the perpetual gravitational minuet of Jupiter’s Moons in binoculars or a small telescope
  • A brief tour of the famous “belts and zones” visible on Jupiter with a small telescope
  • Essential online tools to help you see the Great Red Spot and eclipses and transits of Jupiter’s moons
  • How to get the best view of Jupiter in a small telescope.

Simply download this free e-book at the link below:

PDFdClick here to download “A Guide to Observing the Planet Jupiter” (1.1 MB)

- See more at: http://oneminuteastronomer.com/art-of-stargazing/observing-jupiter/#sthash.FeasiHiC.dpuf


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