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Ok. lets say we all feel bad and have those negative thoughts and emotions inside our head. Why keep it there? Expressing will help you calm down but it has to happen in a safe space and not to feel judged.

Do it here! Rant and just say whatever it is that hurts and bugs you, Yell and scream.

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Okay, what bugs me lately is people that always tease you.  And if you get upset, they say can't you take a joke?(yes, I married one)This is a form of bullying, believe it or not, a way to try to control the other person.  After a while, it gets old...

yes or when i come to a friend for help because im having very hard time with depression they say:

" cant you  just let it go, its been so long ago" also the " you are doing this to yourself you should just stop thinking about it and get out more"

they never quite realize it doesn't work like that.  Plus, if you are empathic, to boot, you feel everyone else's energy with you too.  I don't always ground myself very well.  I know I should...but I don't.  I also have to be very careful what I watch and read.  Child abuse, animal abuse, those stories stay with me for years, and I can't get them out of my mind.

i can def understand yes our own pain is bad enough than the empathic shows up and pulls more from all around and its a mess haha,

but u know they'd never say this to someone with a broken leg or diabetus, so why is it ok to tell someone with depression this?

Groovosity. I'm going to rant. It's wonderful that this is a safe place to yell, scream, and break all those rules I try to agree with about only speaking kindly of others. One problem: this is the world-wide wedding of thoroughly unsuitable suitors and suers. Savlove is my real name, so anybody who wants to dig up the dirt on savlove's onslaught of disgusted  & embarrassed letter-digits regarding the sick lack of compassion all around me, go for it. But remember, I make SacriNice out of Sacrifice. You unimaginative pooperdoos don't see the sacrum for the ice.

Yeah, I'd like to walk right up to the hot-headed cold-footed everyday alcoholics with their civil half-smiles masking all the loathing they feel for themselves, their spouses, their employers, their underlings, and especially their intimate fragile barely existent sex lives ("ooh - look, he's ranting about himself! Gotcha, lonely little a-hole!") and use euphemistic language to really show them how useless the usual vulgar phrases really are!

"You 18 hole golf course you!"

"Aw, go clean up PCBs out of the local water supply!"

"Big vat of variety store chardonnay, that's all you are!"

"I've seen more sensitivity in Faustian tea rooms!"

Thank you, Lilly, I feel better already. But what will I do when I'm done amusing myself? Meditate? On top of that? No way.

The final rant is that these people can't even tell that I'm over-meditated. Only animals and young people sense or see the aura. No matter how brilliantly I glow. The rest of them spin on their heels and run (they're actually too slow to run) gasping, "Head for the hills! A man of conscience is among us! Come back early tonight, after he's safely put to bed!"

Ahahaha....your rant got a smile out of me.  Thanks!  Pooperdoos, gonna have to remember that one. 


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