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Dealing with dementia

1. What is dementia, dementias and brief explanation
Dementia is an umbrella term for a combination of symptoms where the brain information is no longer good. In dementia, the nerve cells in the brain are broken or sometimes the connections between the cells. Due to the reduction in the braincells it is no longer functioning well.

Types of dementia are alzheimer's which we now look into deeper.

Fronto-temporal dementia it is a damage in the frontal lobe in the brain. People with this condition have often unrestrained emotions and behavior. They behave inappropriately and their personality changes greatly.
Vascular dementia is a disturbance in the blood supply causing slow speach or comprehension of language, the rest depends on the place in which the damage is. As paralysis and muscles are stiffened.

Lewy body similar to Parkinson's disease. Decline takes first bodily form and later spiritual decline. Symptoms such as stiffness of muscles, slow reactions, trouble with plans, bent body posture and confusion.

2. what happens to the people with dementia.

-problems with daily acts
-often losing stuff
-Language problems
-poor estimation and assessment capability
-anxiety and withdraw from social situations.
-depression and sleep problems
-disorientation in place, time or/and person.

3. Stick to the past and feeling of insecurity.

People with dementia are  losingmore and more of themselves. Every day is something is gone and in the earlier stages are people here certainly aware. That causeds a lot of grief and anxiety. People fabricate stories or dont  want to interract with other people. People make lists or just do what they know.
If someone is in further stage they are not  aware of and dont understand often what is expected of them to do. The memory slips away from them more and more. It fanishes as a domino. Starting from the present back. By watching where someone is you can see how far someone is in his dementia. If they are busy with their parents than the brain is back to their childhood and they also need to be treated as a child. That also speaks out on feeling of insecurity. People who find their mother or children are afraid and seek safety, but cannot articulate. You will see people who always have a topic going to talk, because they no longer know the rest and it gives their feeling that they belong to and security because they remember this. Many of their comments come from the feeling and unconscious.

4. Short clear sentences, eye contact at eye level, calm attitude.

To be able to reach people with dementia, there are a number of tips from the practice to make it easier.
-talk with short sentences. No duplicate message in a sense. Short clear and precise. Wait until you get a reaction and otherwise ask whether they have understood you.
-attract attention if you want to say something to make eye contact or by careful and quiet placing  your hand on the hand of the person.
-no quick sudden movements, quiet and calm.
-ask permission if possible for you do something, otherwise try to explain first
-give compliments if someone have done something right it does their much good.
-Dont ask facts or events, ask open questions that can fill out their like "How was you day"
-Please dont correct the person, or gently and as little as possible
-If the person doesn't want something now, let it go not in debate. Come back later.
-give experience care, go from their world, then slowly another side.

5. Approach by rotting or Validation.

There are two methods which tend to be used in people with dementia. Those are the vallidation and reality orientation technique or rot.

When vallidation is used with a person? This is for people in the distant stadiums that no longer can be brought back into the present. People who are looking for example child or their parents. At validation you go along with their experience, so the answer will be: "you mom is out shopping, which is coming soon," or "you son is staying over with..." or "Yes you are being picked up extracted but they are late, come drink tea they will be here soon"

The other technique is rotten people are brought back to the present. That is for people who are in the first stages and can orientate in the present. If you are looking for someone for their mother, with ROT you will then  ask how old he is and how old his mother then? Often people are coming back into the present.

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