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I’m frequently asked about evoking Hekate for a ritual. While I’ve written before about calling upon Hekate ,  drawing down Hekate’s Moon, and the Hekate’s Fires Pentacle Ritual, I’ve not offered a general evocation.  I’m remedying this situation by providing a version of the evocation that I have used in various forms for about a decade.


I developed this all-purpose evocation using various ancient texts and epithets. I wanted to capture as much of the image of this ancient and complex goddess that I could with a relatively short evocation. The first time I used this in a large ritual, Hekate’s presence surrounded the group with such power that it was almost smothering. Plus, Her energy caused the fire to get out of control – forcing me to break my chanting to get someone to throw water on it. My attendants at the ritual were so overcome that they hadn’t noticed. So, take that as a precaution. Over the years, I’ve learned to better manage the power of this evocation.


I recommend you engage in standard ritual preparation before you start any working, including proper cleansing and consecration of all objects and tools to be used and a self-purification including bathing.

Props and Tools

For magickal props, I personally always have Hekate’s colors of black (Under World), red (Middle World) and white (Upper World) as part of my ritual altar. Three is the number most sacred to Hekate, so candlesherbs, etc. should usually be staged in trios. Of course, an image of Hekate and her symbols (e.g., Hekate’s Wheelkeys) should be included on this altar. I always include something dead (bones of an animal sacred to Her), something stagnant (wine, for example) and something growing (a bulb of garlic works) to represent the three realms, the three selves and the three stages of life.


One thing I know for certain is that Hekate will not attend my rites if I am not completely into it. Lacking confidence, being distracted or not having faith in Her and my abilities are all impediments to Her favor. Balance your energies using meditation before starting the evocation is strongly suggested. Before starting the evocation, create a sacred space that suits you. I cast the strophalos.

For Beginners

If you are new to evoking, I recommend practicing with just a few stanzas. Acknowledge to Hekate that this is what you are doing. Notice the energy that you summon. Process it. Over time, work up to the entire evocation.

Hand Positions

There are hand positions that go with the evocation. The basic way to hold your hands is together, with the three middle fingers of each hand touching each other. Your thumb and pinky finger of the same hand should be together, forming a circle. Start with your hands in the Middle World position, at your heart center. Although your hands don’t always remain touching, each hand stays in the same position – with the three fingers out and the thumb-pinky in a circle. The left hand always moves down to the earth, while the right will reach up each time.

Evocation of Hekate Suitable for Any Rite

(Hands together at heart center)
Blessed Hekate, Great Mother, I am grateful for Your presence in my life.
I implore You, attend this rite.
Great Hekate, who spins the web of the stars and governs the spiral of life.
Brimo, Chthonia, Einalian, Enodia, Kleidouchos,
Kourotrophos, Nykliopolis, Perseis, Propylais,
Propolos, Phosphors, Trimorphis,
Soteira, Soteira, Soteira.
Fierce Goddess, Attend your epithets!
I draw upon Your colors!
(Left hand down)
Black as night,
(Hands together at heart center)
Red as blood,
(Right hand to the sky)
White as stars.
(Hands together at heart center)
Lend me their energies,
I implore you, Mighty Queen!
I offer myself to You.
I bow before You,
Hear me, know my name.
(Bow your head, state your name.)
(Left hand down) Hail Hekate
(Right hand up) Hail Hekate
(Hands together at heart center) Hail Hekate
I honor You as She of all forms.
(Left hand down)
I honor You as the Young Mistress,
And ask that You bestow upon this ritual the energy of youth.
(Hands at heart center)
I honor You as the Eternal Creatrix,
And ask that You send the power of creation to my working.
(Right hand up)
I honor You as the timeless World Soul,
And ask that You lend me your wisdom for this rite.
(Left hand down) Hail Hekate
(Right hand up) Hail Hekate
(Hands together at heart center) Hail Hekate
I honor you as She who rules over
The Under World, the Middle World and the Upper World.
(Left hand down)
I honor You as the Gatekeeper of All Under World and Goddess of the Daemon
May they strengthen my rite!
(Hands together at heart center)
I honor You as the Guardian of the Crossroads of the Middle World, the Universal Key Holder,
And seek Your guidance along my earth-bound journey.
(Right hand up)
I honor You as the Breath of the Universe and the Mother of Angels
Behold, I seek their assistance now!
(Left hand down) Hail Hekate
(Right hand up) Hail Hekate
(Hands together at heart center) Hail Hekate
I honor You as Sovereign over land, sea and sky.
(Left hand down)
I honor You as Queen of the Sea
And petition for Your mighty waves to strengthen my desire.
(Hands together at heart center)
I honor You as Queen of the Land
And ask that You hasten my working on the earthly plane.
(Right hand up)
I honor You as Queen of the Sky
And implore your assistance across the higher realm.
(Left hand down) Hail Hekate
(Right hand up) Hail Hekate
(Hands together at heart center) Hail Hekate
(Left hand down)
I honor You as Torch Bearer,
And ask that Your light shine on this working.
(Right hand up)
I honor You as the Key Holder,
And pray that You’ll open the doors to your mysteries.
(Hands together at heart center)
I honor You as Queen of the Witches,
And ask Your blessing for this rite!

My intention is pure
And my will is strong!

From this point forward you should commence your own ritual or spell.

Read more at http://www.patheos.com/blogs/keepingherkeys/2018/03/an-evocation-of...

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What a beautiful ritual...I love it!

I'm so glad! :)


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