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Nanta Bag is a very old tool.appearing in many forms as it is traced back through the ages. Carring the tool was to keep the person in harmony with the forces of Nature.
second, it serve as a carrier for tools of the Craft, so a Witch can perform his or hers magick anywhere at any time they became symbol of being a Priest or Priestess.
with in the bag are objects of personal power, a thimble was chalice, a needle or pin ritual blade, a coin , pentacle and a twig a wand. Also included stone for earth, a feather for air, a flint stone or matches fire, a shell water or liquid..
Finally the bag contained a symbol of the God and Goddess along with personal items, If someone of power, you respected gave you a token you would add it to your bag,
the principal of (contagon) magick was the foundation for empowering the bag, when one item came in contact with another those items were joined and influence one another.
The following list is what you might find in the Nanta Bag
A small smooth round stone
A small feather, blue or vary light color
A small portion of ash( wool or coal)
A small vessel of pure water
A small coin with a 5 pointed star etched upon it
A small twig( fruit or nut woodA pin with a black head (or needle)
A thimble A portion of incense
A small white candle A piece of marking chalk
A measure of cord (nine feet)
A smal fingersized bowl (cup or dish)
A symbol of the God ( acorn,small pine cone, pieces of horn etc)
A symbol of the Goddess (A seashell, string od beads, nutshell)
A personal object A (lucky piece, a crystal etc)
A portion of salt
A small vessel of anointing oil
Collect these items and make a bag of leather or cloth big enough to contain them. You may wish to add some healing herbs.
Start with a stone for earth feather for air etc.complete the bag and consecratein the manner of the altar tools, charging by the Elements and the Gesture of Power. When done say over the bag
O Great Nanta bag, be now a natural focus and a bridge to Power.
I am link to thee and thou are link to nature
We are one from three.
We are the Triangle manifest.
In the name of God and Goddess, so be it.

author unknown

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