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By Nikki Sen    

If you smoke weed regularly, a lot of things happen to your mind and body. Sadly, there’s a lot of misleading information about what exactly! There hasn’t been a lot of research on long-term cannabis use yet. But there is still some data compiled from research over the past couple decades.

It’s important to increase public awareness. Especially with the growing interest in legalization. A lot of newspapers and magazines love to take a negative stance towards marijuana.

But the truth is — there are a lot of positive changes in your mind, body, and life in general when you smoke weed regularly.

What Does Research Say About People Who Smoke Weed Regularly?

Marijuana is still fighting to be recognized as a medicine. The federal government still believes weed doesn’t have health benefits. Therefore, it’s illegal in a majority of states. But in any case, all medicines have side effects. And like any other medicine, abusing weed can take a toll on your health. So moderation is the key. When you smoke weed regularly in a responsible quantity, it can do wonders for your mental and physical health.

When You Smoke Weed Regularly, You Can:

8. Feel Happier

Weed makes you a better person by helping you relax and focus on the good things in life. It gives you a better appetite, higher energy levels, and an overall better mood. Especially in social situations, it can make a person feel calmer and friendlier. People who smoke weed regularly find it easier to fight social anxiety with their weed-induced inner zen!

7. Lose Weight

A study by Conference of Quebec University Health Centers researchers claims that weed users have lower body mass index scores. People who smoke weed regularly are less likely to be obese than non-smokers. People with low BMI scores have less body fat.This is because cannabis regulates insulin production, which helps maintain weight. Along with that, users are at lower risk for diabetes.

6. Drink Less

If you smoke more, you tend to drink less. Like you should. Weed is nowhere as destructive as alcohol, tobacco, and harmful drugs. Weed gets you where you need to be, and eliminates the need for harmful substances. It can even help you give up heroin, opiates, and cocaine.

5. Become More Focused

Cannabis helps with ADHD. People who smoke regularly have a higher concentration, especially if they had trouble concentrating before. It is found to be safer and more effective than some medicines like Ritalin or Adderall.

4. Fight PTSD

A regular, healthy dose of cannabis has helped many veterans suffering PTSD. Even in the non-combat related PTSD, patients have found cannabis very helpful. An ongoing dose makes patients calmer and more relaxed. They focus more on good things and less on their traumatic experiences.

3. Work Better

A healthy does of cannabis gives your mind a boost. It makes you more creative and productive. As we said before, it helps you focus better too. You’re more in the moment and involved in the task at hand. All of this results in a better work day. And of course, there are those dull, long days where you just need something to tip you over. You found it! But just be sure you choose a sativa strain.

2. Sleep Better

A good strain of indica will make you sleep like a baby. Weed is super helpful when dealing with long days and late nights when you can’t sleep. When you have an early morning and need your body to just relax and get those hours of sleep in, weed can help you. People who smoke weed regularly are more relaxed and better sleepers. Since weed also helps with migraines, body pains, and stress, it’s a perfect solution to insomnia.

1. Better Sex

All the ladies — multiple orgasms, amirite? Weed relaxes your muscles, including the ones down there. Your sensitivity also increases. All of that helps you reach orgasms. On the other hand, men have been known to replace Viagra with weed, and it works! People who smoke weed regularly have a better sex life. Weed helps you feel more in the moment, more sensitive to taste and touch. Smoking together will make you more in sync, and heighten all those tingly sensations.

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Replies to This Discussion

I have not found out all of this to be the case.

I have known personally people that smoke marijuana and I have seen them lose their jobs because of inability to perform and concentrate, accidents have also occurred because their lack of concentration in the road, while driving, I know one whose eyes become out of proportion, and almost close, when he is under the influence, but it could be he has develop an allergy to it and he is not aware of it.

Therefore, some people may even be allergic to it.

I am not against marijuana, and I am glad that it was already legalized in California, therefore making it less expensive. I am not for any control of human behavior, but I am not for lying about its effects, either.

Yes, marijuana has been used in medicine, but only when necessary not as an addictive drug, which for many it is.

Some use it to not care and not face their fears and phobias and to calm their nerves down.

They begin to live in a bubble of their own.

They think it is like a panacea and cure it all, when they are really shutting down and not facing this World and all its possibilities, may they be negative or positive.

I do not say, either, that everyone uses it that way, but many do, as I have observed.

I had people smoke it around me, and just from the vapors of the smoke I lost control of my own moving motion abilities.

So, I can not say that it is good for controlling yourself and for the spiritual journey that we all must undergo.

We have to face the World, such as it is, and transform any darkness we find into light.


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