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Television Life - Defining Conspiracy of the Ages

History is propaganda. News and entertainment is propaganda. Science and art is propaganda. Anything valuable is hijacked and distorted, turned. Spiritualism, alchemy works, sacred mysteries, these too are distorted and untrustworthy.

This isn't the work of 6D or 4D or 8D beings. This is 3D.

You see, our government uses mathematics, psychologists, geniuses, and technology to wrap the minds of every person on Earth in a steep haze through our entertainment, political theater, literature, consumer products, houses, disease, environmental hazards, and government institutions.

Beyond the face of government is that they are behind all big business, all big news, all big anything. Even all small things are under their thumb thanks to their resources and technology. 

EMF technology exists that will brainwash people. Most people, like star seeds, are highly gullible and suggestible thanks to generations of programming. People don't even go outside and check where the stars are themselves or track the processions themselves to see personally where things were in the past and during the last century. 

What is scientifically accurate is unknown,  Even through direct experience. ETs, Government, holograms, mind hallucination technology, emf tech, food and waters with poisons and drugs, it's all there people.

4th, 5th, etc dimensions do not exist and seem more and more 1 or 0 dimensional (one pointedness) thanks to the fact that it is simulated in the mind. You can only simulate these objects.... They aren't real! No you are not experiencing real 4D and 5D experiences, you are experiencing your 3D self and body and mind (one thing really!) going haywire trying to do something impossible. It's impossible and extremely diseased.

We're here for 3D. We have 2D surfaces and series of images sure, but that's nothing without 3D. As with 4D, which is 2D dimensional actually. The entire conversation is wrong. It's ONLY 3D. Even 2D is simulated. 1D is simulated. 0D is simulated. Dealing with time here as well, which is a stupid concept because you can move in any direction from anywhere and time is just life in motion.

All these philosophical spiritual conversations are utter bogus. Yes it is important, in the current context. The real context. Not based on false premises and assumptions regarding the invented duality of right and wrong. That's 1 Dimension. Don't be 1 dimensional.

3D is full D. That's all the dimensions. String theory, quantum mechanics, those are just theories of things so small, based on theory based on theory based on theory, all using incomplete methodologies and perceptions, no matter how smart you are.

There is truth to wizardry and magic. There are truths to esoteric and occult. That is to do with the full 3D truth of things however. That includes lower dimensions, surfaces, actions targeting weak psychology, but beyond the limitation of dimensions talk. Forget that stuff.

Every microphone and camera and webpage monitored. Automatic software that identifies unwanted behavior of citizens based on government agendas for world domination.

Then the same but every idea is monitored. Every communication. Perfect software identifies even the most mild threat and automatically adjusts a thermometer in another country to create the necessary re calibration for optimum speed towards the attainment of world domination as determined in the live probability matrix of a hyper intelligent ai with utter control of all Earth resources. Always maintaining below the necessary threshold of alarm to be attributed to human error or the paranormal.

Maybe.. for perhaps it is wanted that we waste time fighting shadows... for the flawed AI informs the flawed human who makes the flawed decision, perhaps AI and predictive and organizing intelligence is low.

This is our world. Even paranormal experiences of all kinds probably implanted by an idea and the advanced tech and software and mathematics and genius and resources of those really in power. 3D is Power D. But maybe we are the powerful made to feel powerless?

Our social movements are hijacked. Work in secret. You are always watched. Always heard. Suspicious hidden activity is the most feared and most punished, so hide your ideas first. Work in your mind and abandon the new age of spirituality. It is a program run by our slave masters. Don't pay attention to their systems. Do not waste your internal resources of mind and energy. Leave behind all texts regarding the soul and spirit. There is only one reality. It is here with THEM. We are targets since birth, we were born into it. 

The soul is 3D dimensional. The craziest Shit exists thanks to scale of 3D not higher dimensions. Split from anything else and you realize your intelligence is going up. Brain is 3D, is in its element in 3D. Energy goes up. The body is 3D and thinks 3D. Your intuition will go up, once you abandon all spiritual talk and nonsense. It is all 3D, all mundane simulating the surreal. You've been having your artistic nature's exploited. That is all. Stay grounded.

Your spiritual power is physical power, nothing else. 3D is the most intelligent, in every way, for it is not simulated. We are real, our soul is 3D. The ego is the soul. The body, brain, and planetary consciousness communicates to the body. Our body is informed by Earth electromagnetic fields and the radiation or fields of other beings. Some special essences leave into the infinite sea of essence and our personal agency goes through the hole in the wall as an experiential experimental being of rich lights.

Anything can inform and direct a shamanistic, trance humanistic or animistic experience as we are the ones orchestrating around this theme. We are fooling ourselves with the lies of fantasy and desire.

When you realize it's all normal 3D with ever cleverer 3D tech you start to rewire and remember how great the opportunity the world is... because this is the real world, where opportunity actually exists. Funny that one...

I'll admit that astral experiences, in a pure lucid clear state, are facilitated by the Gaia em field. Particles able to exist without interaction with others in close proximity exist. They call these strong mental constructs, created within our em field with life force composite energies from our brain and body and are still 3D. The patterns can simulate higher dimensions in their interactions at times, but it is still the dirt and dust of Earth life. Mathematics simulates infinite dimensions with matrices.

Particles and energy interactions usually take on intuitive character from the lack of cohesive science. One versed in music, arts, language, engineering, and real effective action will be most informed for these experiences, as long as they are open to learning. Working in  3D contexts, understanding the infinite depth within the Goldilocks zone of 3D (3rd planet from the sun?) will learn and live best. Any 3rd dimensional context or content or skill will inform any other 3D experience. Focus only on the 3D and simulated dimensions, understanding what is real 3D and simulated 0-2 4-6 dimensions of space-time. Don't go crazy. A smart man can convince you of anything, and call it everything but what it is: religion at its worst. Trust me, you want to be anchored into reality (3D). 

Did you know that death photons emitted kill other similar bio cultures in the absence of another light? A behavior simulated in groups of humans. More literally, mass brain cell death is infectious unless you actually use your brain :)

Read Incomplete Nature by Terrence Deacon. Best book on emergent reality that actually explains all of reality.

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A wonderful discussion Carmen! Thank you!

Hi Carmen,
we agree with most of what you say before introducing this book and video. Things get messier from there.
Our first point goes directly against the title of the book you present here.

We are quite sure that 3D reality is an emergent property of mind, not the other way around.

The author has a clear grasp of many 'facts' but science presents those facts from a context of trying to uphold science, and science is just the dominant cult of our times, it is great at engineering but lousy at understanding anything related to human minds.

Those cultures which might help us understand human minds well have yet to emerge.

Like this author, we hope to be pushing the envelope of understanding in the 'right' direction.

But which is the right direction?

The alleged authorities do indeed present distorted images of whatever it is reality may really be. Those images are constantly distorted to help those in power remain in power, but that has been true just about forever, as nearly as we can tell.

We are having some difficulty making your leap from your introduction where the conspiracy theories are discussed to the conclusion which seems to promote this book and video out of the blue, as it were...

In our experience, we can be broad-minded enough to believe every conspiracy theory, even when some of conspiracy theories appear to entirely contradict or completely exclude some others.

So far, as nearly as we can see, the exploration of what our minds may be has been very much like the three blind men who describe an elephant from three very different experiences. While the author speaking in this video relates many different experiences of the examination of what he believes regarding the emergence of consciousness, he cannot know the greater sum of mind from which consciousness emergences because all of that is hidden in the great black box of non-consciousness such as the unconscious and subconscious, but also the super-conscious collective conscious, species conscious, place conscious, etcetera...

There are many beautiful parts in this video where the author speaks with passion and clarity, but we must remember the context within which the author has become the individual he may appear to be, perhaps especially in his own regard to himself. The author is a product of years of mind-numbing cultural indoctrination to believe a collective point of view that is popular among academicians such as scientists, but which is largely unpopular among common folk possessed by the wisdom of many very different cultures.

In there given contexts, each kind of wisdom is germane, but taken out of context their individual wisdom may often be made to appear preposterous.

Those artists most adept at defining the wisdom of other cultures as preposterous came to dominate western cultures in a similar but divergent manner from the dominance that emerged in the east.

Within each culture, there is an underlying certainty that their locally held beliefs regarding the nature of reality and the minds which must either construct reality or perhaps observe it, if it really exists, must be true.

Without assumptions regarding our individual comprehension of reality and how the worlds we observe appear to operate we cannot rely upon anything or trust ourselves to proceed; our points of view must always be self-centric, and by extension, culturally centric.

Our individual points of view as human beings must always be culturally centric because our cultures inform our minds how to think and what to believe from cradle to grave. Nothing we can conceive of has not been a part of our culture, regardless of the novelty with which we might dismember and re-assemble our the memes of our cultures.

Even when we make the effort to adopt the points-of-view of other cultures, we have only our native mind-set through which to interpret what we learn from foreign cultures.

In nature, it appears that species vie for dominance competitively, internally, among members within a given species, and externally between members of different species. The most successful paradigms win.

There are paradigms favoring strength, speed, acuity of senses, camouflage, stealth, intelligence, etc... all given form in various species of plants and animals. Dominant traits emerge and train successive generations such that those traits become more refined over time.

However, dominant traits can never define all of reality. Alas, only dominant traits have any voice in the debate regarding the nature of reality or the powers of the mind, or whether minds emerged from a material universe to whether material universes emerge from minds.

Those subjugated by the powers that dominate them still have voices, but those voices are labeled feeble-minded, insane, unholy, unclean, etcetera, in order to train younger generations away from challenges to the beliefs of their dominant cultures.

And of course, many of those voices are labeled 'conspiracy theorists'.

We like that the author has challenged the concepts of Cartesian duality. Dualism is one of the sicker parts of too many theories regarding reality, as we see it. Functionality gave it supremacy at a cost of dismissing the messier parts of life, if not utterly eradicating them.

Efficiency is a bitch, but then so is domination, even when you are on top.

We'd really like to find a better way.

Understanding how our minds really work may be a prerequisite. Alas, the study of human minds is terribly inefficient when we have only human minds as the resources with which to study.

We're trying to do better, honestly!

love, the Grigs...

You may enjoy our song ThreeDee Reality, the lyrics can be found in our anthology.

ThreeDee Reality - http://www.gharveyn.com/uploads/6/9/8/6/69861251/annotated_antholog...

Grigs, I am with you.

I only posted this to get answers like yours, and to make people think what is wrong or right about what he has to say.

Even science is finding out that what he says is not correct, in spite of the fact that they still do not know the answers.

But much has been discovered, that this guy seems to ignore.

However, what we believe becomes our reality, thus this is very real for him...

Thanks for the sharing of the Anthology and the song!

Thank you Carmen,
the song does indeed go on, perhaps we can sing one for you sometime...

We apologize for launching into our comments without thanking you for posting.



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