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Your Guide to Automatic Writing


Sacred Scribe – Your Guide to Automatic Writing

by Angela Levesque

automatic-writing_OMTimesMany people want to increase their intuitive abilities. Automatic writing is a perfect introduction into intuition development; a great way for those who have not yet developed their clairvoyance and clairsentience enough to access the universal intelligence and their spirit guides. As a caution, while automatic writing can be used to channel spirits and other beings, for novices we will keep to communication with your higher self and your spirit guides. Here’s how you do it.


Automatic Writing – Grounding

The first part of the automatic writing process is to find a quiet spot where you can be left undisturbed for a chunk of time. This is a private space that you feel safe, calm and centered. Once that has been attained you can begin the process of grounding. Grounding is a very important part of channeling, even if it is your intention to simple access the wisdom of your higher self. Grounding accomplishes two specific things – it brings your awareness and attention into the present moment, and it also establishes a connection between the spirit world and the world of matter.

So sit at a desk, in a comfortable high back chair, with your feet firmly planted on the ground and begin by taking three deep cleansing breaths. Draw the breath deep into the belly and exhale slowly through the mouth. This allows any stress and negativity to be removed out of the body. Then simply begin breathing in through the nose and out through the nose, finding your own rhythm and pace. Once you feel calm and centered imagine that roots of a large tree extend from the base of your spine and flow deep into the center of the earth. You can also imagine more roots flowing from the base of your feet into the earth’s center as well. Spending a few moments holding this visual in your mind’s eye until you feel connected and centered.

Automatic Writing – Intention & Protection

In this calm and mindful place, it is time to set your intention and create your boundaries. This is very important. Keep your intention positive, in the present moment and say it out loud. State that it is your intention to receive guidance from your higher self/spirit guides and/or guardian angels on a specific matter. State that you would like to receive this guidance with clarity, honesty and integrity, in a way that honors you and your highest good through automatic writing. Ask this with gratitude in your heart and ask for protection in this matter from your guides and angels that are beings of only the purest light and highest intention. You may also wish to visualize a blue egg around yourself as you request the guidance and protection from your spirit helpers.

While many people believe that everything is part of Source, there are still other dimensional beings and energies that one does not want to attract into their space. Never try automatic writing under the influence of drugs or alcohol as anytime that you cross the boundaries between spirit and matter; you can open yourself up to negative energies. This protection is necessary to ensure a positive experience. 


Automatic Writing – Writing

After you have done all the prep work you are cleared to begin automatic writing. If you are a good typer you can try to do it on a computer or you can do it with a pen and paper, which is my preference. Either way, allow your hands to relax, take a few conscious breaths and ask something. I find it easier to write out a question to my higher self or my guides and just let the answers flow. Don’t worry at first if your words are coming from your conscious mind, just relax and don’t over think it. Like everything, this takes some practice. Try not to stop yourself to correct misspellings or grammatical errors, as this will take you out of the flow. Let it come out exactly as it does.

You may have tried stream of consciousness writing in English class and this is very similar. After you pose the question just keep on writing, even if it doesn’t make sense or it is a bunch of seemingly nonsensical sentences streamed together, it is all part of the process. If you are automatic writing by hand, you may even notice a shift in the writing style when you do make a connection. You may also notice that the writing will shift from a first person to third person point of view as you learn to communicate with your guides.

The more you practice this automatic writing, the more you can tune into the specific guidance you are looking for, but remember it may show up in mysterious and symbolic ways. It is not the workings of your conscious mind and it doesn’t have to be linear and logical like you may need to be in your daily life. Just let it flow. Any time you bring in any resistance and that could be in the form of frustration over a typo or you start thinking about, “What if someone reads this?” This serves to stifle the flow of energy and intelligence that you tapped into. After you are done the process, if you wish, you can then go in with your logical mind and decipher the meaning.


Automatic Writing – Closing & Giving Thanks

After you have written to a sense of completion (you will understand this as you connect more fully and notice the subtle shifts in your awareness when you move into the flow consciousness), always remember to close your session. Please do this even if you feel you have only accessed your higher self. In the beginning you may not be able to tell the difference between your higher self and other benevolent spirits and angels. A good way to do this is to say thank-you for the guidance and that you wish to bring the connection to a gracious close. I usually end in prayer, but that part is up to you.

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