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Nadi Shastra is a form of astrology which is mostly practiced by expert nadi readers in India. The towns of Madras and Bangalore seem to provide the most trustworthy divination services.

It is said, that thousands of years ago holy men (Rishis) channeled knowledge regarding future world events and detailed information about every person that would ever want to visit India to experience insights into their fates and wrote it down - on palm leaves. Eventually, there seem to be only as many palm leaves as there are individuals willing to know about their future.



The exclusive knowledge derives - so the legend says - from the Akashic Records or from the gods themselves. Naturally, the written text and the leaf itself don't last forever, so it was and still is necessary to transcribe the texts on new palm leaves repeatedly over the course of years.

I found a (more or less precise) translation of a German article written by Thomas Ritter, who once made a trip to India and published his experiences regarding the divinations in his book "Die Palmblattbibliotheken und ihre Prophezeiungen zur Zukunft Europas" (2006) (Prophecies of Europe/libraries from palm leaves). The article deals with events beginning in the year 2011. The translation can be read here.

An excerpt of Ritter's publication can be found on this site (beginning with "READINGS"). It also thematizes happenings before 2011.

As always, one should be cautious when it comes to prophecies and the books written about them. If you're curious and want to experience your own nadi reading, be careful and gather information about the variant palm leaves libraries, so you might find a reputable one.


Further information:




http://www.meditationclub.com/Palm.htm (example reading)

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Thanks, Arrheton, for the links. Very interesting in the info they provide though, as you advised, one should be cautious and discerning.  But definitely, worth spending time on. Your propensity to share knowledge is much appreciated.


Fascinating, and new to me, thanks for sharing. They're quite beautiful as well.

Thanks for the post! To add a little more clarity to this discussion, I would like to introduce myself as one having spent time a few donkeys years around the region in question. For starters, the place in question is not Madras (Chennai) or Bangalore (Bengaluru), You can find the palm inscriptions at Vaitheeswarankoil in the Tanjore district of Tamilnadu. All that you would need to provide them would be your thumb impression and presto! You would have to rub your eyes and listen to texts scrawled in ancient Tamil (my mother tongue) being read to you out of palm leaves, on the info that pertains only to the individual in question. 


Those supposedly fated to go there invariably would, as I learnt, much to my surprise on hearing my name being pronounced to me out of an ancient scribble, as my name is half Sanskrit and half Anglican! It needs a willful suspension of disbelief and oodles to get there for the determined! Probs I am lucky living close to the phenomenon, but yea, you would find 8 out of ten skeptics around here too... 



Thanks for the helpful advice and sharing your knowledge, Charles!

proud to b a tamil..

Exactly. Maybe the inscriptions on the palm leaves are just other means to push some of us (or all of us) into a certain direction to prevent or to support some possible events. Might be that they just show up some tendencies, some happenings that are most probable at a given point in time. And considering that they were written thousands of years ago...One should not lose hope.
Thank you for sharing! Quite interesting and entertaining I would say if it was a part of a fiction story. Well, shall I buy a gun, then? :)
You're welcome! Hm, good question. I think you should better not. It could then expose itself as a self-fulfilling prophecy. ;)


Thank you for sharing the information. I want to share one experience with you. I live in USA but have Indian origin. I would like to share my experience with Nadi astrology. I went to the center at nagpur(INDIA) 4-5 years back. They took my thumb impression and asked me to contact them in around 3 days.After 3 days they found my 'leaf'. The astrologer quite accurately read all my personal details. They accurately read my father's name, my mother's name, my date of birth, my sun-sign, what education I had taken, what jobs I had taken, in what kind of industry and what I was doing at that point of time. Other personal details also were amazingly accurate. They also 'read' my future and till today I have to admit they are 100% correct.My dad's future till now also has been correctly predicted.
I must say that these people are genuine. All they do is read from our 'leaf'. There is no funny business or any kind of manipulation.
There are total 14 chapters dealing with various aspects of our life.The first chapter tells about our general life.They charge 7$(300 INR) for the first chapter. Rest chapters can be read at the cost of 5$(250 INR) each.


Want to know your destiny click: Astrology and Indian astrology

I´ve been watching many things accomplishing as per these predictions already... And now the "peaceful" movement that started this last 15th of May in Madrid (Spain). People are determined to change the political and social system here.

Hi Diana,

I am very much interested in further details and elaboration on "the many things " and the 'peaceful' movement that started in Madrid last May 15, as stated in your post.

I have been, just fairly recently, a keen researcher on the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), being attracted to it by the CNT and FAI--the largest Spanish working class organizations who were essentially anarchists (not in the pejorative sense but, as a political ideology, fervent internationalists and anti-capitalist/imperialists but passionately opposed to the rigid and authoritarian character of Stalinism) and the  International Brigades, a loose collection of volunteers, mostly from Europe and the US, who fought on the side of the Republicans against the military coup d'etat and fascism, led ultimately by Franco and enthusiastically supported by the elite classes, the landlords and the Catholic Church.

I was just wondering--is there a renaissance of sorts happening in Spain right now.

Incidentally, my country, the Philippines, named after the Spanish king, Philip, was colonized by Spain for 300 years. Our national hero, Jose Rizal, went to Madrid to study medicine and was  previously educated by Spanish Jesuits at the Jesuit institution, Ateneo de Manila, where he graduated with the highest honors.

Although the relationship between our countries was previously one of colonizer and colonized, there are, I guess, for later generations like you and I, ties that will bind and be appreciated, just like Britain and the United States, and even more important for all who seek the universal values of liberty, equality, fraternity, a coming together that transcends countries and boundaries.


Hi Jose,

I opened a new discussion dedicated to the movement "15 of May". You might want to check it. Thank you for your notes here :)


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