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Are you so close to someone that you often know what they’re thinking before they say it? Or have you wondered if you can communicate with someone through your thoughts? Those of us who are in touch with our psychic ability can. So once you’re convinced that yes, you can communicate telepathically, you may want to test out your new-found ability to see if it really works. And you can test it out. If you’re wondering how to become a psychic, it’s important to note that many of your psychic abilities can be tested if you’re willing to trust them and act on them and see what happens. (If you have a hunch to go the long way home or to attend that networking session even though it’s not in your field, go, and watch how your life unfolds as a result.)

If you want to test your telepathic connection, the key is to note how your relationship changes with the person you communicated with after the communication. For example, say you’re concerned about your best friend’s safety in a relationship that she’s in. You’ve tried to talk to her about it, but she is extremely defensive whenever you bring it up. What you can do is have a telepathic conversation with her. Imagine that the two of you are talking and giggling and having a good time. Then, in your imagination, tell her that you love her and you’re concerned about her, which is why you want to broach the following conversation. Then tell her your concerns and ask her to trust you and to be open in sharing any fears or concerns she may have about the relationship. Sometimes it helps to have telepathic conversations such as this one more than once. You might want to have this conversation in your head every day for a week. Once you’ve done that, broach the conversation with your friend in real life. See if she’s less defensive about it. You may even find that she comes to you and brings up the conversation first. That’s a typical occurrence when a telepathic connection has been forged.

The telepathic phone test

connectionAnother way to test a telepathic connection is to see if you can telepathically get someone to call or contact you. Simply think about someone you haven’t spoken with in a while on a consistent basis. You don’t want to send out thoughts ordering the person to call you; such thoughts infringe upon someone’s free will. Rather, you want to think about the person in an appreciative manner. Think about good times with the person or the things that you like most about the person. Think about how much the person means to you. Think about the things you’d like to say when you talk to the person. Do this consistently for a week or two and don’t be surprised if the person calls you up, telling you how you’ve been on his or her mind.

Telepathic connections can be fun to work with, particularly when the connection is with a loved one. But you can also test out the strength of a telepathic connection with someone you don’t get along with or someone you have a tense relationship with. Say you have a co-worker whom you don’t trust and don’t get along with. These are the types of relationships that can benefit from telepathic connections the most. Imagine having a conversation with this co-worker in which you agree to work better together and agree to forge a unified front in the workplace. Perhaps in this visualized conversation you compliment the person on things that you admire about them (be honest here; if you’re lying, that will be conveyed telepathically). Also, notice the qualities of this person that you like the most. Do this every day for a week or two and then notice if your working relationship changes. Don’t be surprised if some of the tension disappears like magic.

How to take your telepathic abilities to the next level

Imagine what it would be like if you could turn on your telepathic abilities at will. Do you have a tough time communicating with someone that you love? Do you sometimes mess things up by saying the wrong thing at the wrong time? Is there a lost love that you know would respond if you could only send them the right telepathic message? If so you’re far from alone. Being unable to communicate effectively the traditional  way can leave you feeling frustrated, 


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