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I just happened upon a conversation where the discussion of suicide was involved.  I was rather, to be honest disturbed by it.  Now I'm not a person who has ever thought of or considered suicide ever in my life.  Although I know I have had a rough start in life.  The discussion was: is suicide a path to enlightenment? 


My thoughts on this are, there are no incorrect paths, but not all paths will lead to enlightenment or soul growth.  Some paths might take you not in the direction you initially wanted as a soul but it is a choice that you made while having your physical life on earth.  With that said, Suicide to me is not a path to enlightenment.  When someone considers this option its not because they are looking to find awakening, it is because they have hit rock bottom.  Desperate to find a way out.  To ease the suffering they are feeling, to stop the pain.  This does not sound like enlightenment to me.  It sounds like a person deciding its too much, too tough and is convinced, this is not what they asked for.


It is of my belief, when a person commits suicide and succeeds, they find themselves rather disappointed when they realize what they have done.  After reviewing their lives with the guidance of others in the spiritual realm, they might come to the conclusion they wasted a perfectly good opportunity.  Because we are a consciousness that strives to perfect our understanding of the divine so which we may return to it, we go back and place ourselves in a similar or same situation to overcome what we didn't overcome when we cut our previous life short.  Some will call that karma.


Now, should you survive your attempt to take your own life, lesson's could be learned and understanding formed.  Once you see the otherside, you might come back with a different set of ideals which is so often recorded by those who have had Near Death Experiences or Out of Body Experiences.  It might help those who felt initially that life was just too hard that they looked for an escape realize there is a reason for why and what they went through and grow from the experience.  Sometimes those who tried to take their lives, want to do it again, because they want that peaceful feeling they got initially and try again, thereby completely missing the opportunity presented to them.


In no way do I think the path to commit suicide be encouraged as a way to enlightenment.  People who are in such a depressed state are not thinking about anything spiritual only a way to end their pain.  I think we need to help these people see past their pain so they do not take those drastic measures, to help them understand how powerful and beautiful they really are.  I know, its a tall order, but we must try.  Most of the time, they want to know they are heard and loved.  Sometimes, its that feeling of being left behind and they need comfort of those who care so they don't feel like they are alone.


I am interested in hearing what you have to say on this subject because I seem to have a pretty strong reaction to it. Please feel free to share.


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Thank you for sharing dtbaggins.  I think you hit the nail on the head what I was trying to say.  When you are in that frame of mind, the last thing on your mind is spiritual stuff, only to end the pain.  Another reason why I didn't like hearing about that this path is a path to enlightenment.

I’ll sure go with the point here that a suicidal person isn’t a happy one, and the mind of depression should try to understand that times and feelings change.


Just now I’m still feeling the sorrow of someone who committed suicide only two months back – a young girl out of three sisters, who once came into our Shamanic circle the previous year, and that was the one time we saw them. Just awhile ago we heard the news that she was having some tough times, and it became too much for her…


The thought is daunting and carries a great weight, because now that I am serving as a Tarot reader for this same group, and we have an open house where anyone can come, there will be times where I come across someone with the same hardships, and it’s tough to worry about them and do my best to help in any way. All members coming into this group – the meditation leaders – the Reiki healers – the Tarot readers – we know we can’t help everyone, but we try as good friends.


I think its good to focus on positive light, but it can also become dangerous to stay mandatorily optimistic, pretending any fires in a person’s life (and one’s own as well) aren’t happening, and disallowing them to talk about their problems, but instead to focus on the positive bubble. Sometimes I feel that’s the perspective going around in some spiritual groups with the Law of Attraction rules, and that really has to be careful of what it does to others. It doesn’t allow bottled grief to release.


For young kids, I think being hushed is the one thing that drives them deeper into sorrow. Many think their problems are worst off than anyone else’s, and I say let them believe that and vent it out until ready to move on. Greif needs room to breathe and cry in order to let go of the pain. The readers need that room as well, and can’t pride down their own grief, or it will wear on them.


When others turn to me for guidance I can only share some helpful advice over teaching anything, and hope it gives them strength. There always will be a heavy weight when friends of ours start giving up, mainly because they’ve looked too deeply into the problems of any pending environmental apocalypse rather than the solutions of what we can do to make life easier. When they see more darkness then sunrise in the future they don’t want to be here anymore, and don’t always want to hear the hopes. Sometimes the quest for knowledge brings huge withdrawals from reality under depression and the idea of suicide as a better answer, but when Pandora’s Box is opened, hope is never missing. Being a light-worker means walking the paths that angels fear to trend, and carrying that lantern light, knowing many do pull out of it, and we will always be there for them.


~ Dan / Aloe

Hi Dan,


I am sorry to hear about the girl who gave up.  It is always a tragedy for me to hear such.  To love and send love, does not mean you can't feel disappointment or sorrow or even get frustrated.  Those come naturally to those we try to help and especially if we feel like they aren't hearing.  But it is true, it is important that people be able to vent what they are feeling.  There is a misconception I think with Law of Attraction that everything you put out comes back to you.  Well in this light it is true, but a lot of it is the intent behind it.  If you are depressed, you see the world as depressed, you can't see the good in it.  It is a mirror of how you feel.  Energy is free flowing, it must not be bottled up, to hold it in only amplify's what you are feeling within and eventually it will explode if there is no constructive way to allow it to flow.   You can vent your frustrations and you should!  If your intent is to see a sympathetic ear that will not judge you, then that intent will bring you to someone who will listen with compassion because you are looking for it.  If you vent without any idea of who you will affect you can be met by a person who becomes offended and not understand, therefore responds back in a way you probably were not expecting or wanting.  To me it is vitally important to allow the energy flow, to not bottle it in.  But find a person that can and will listen without judgment and compassion.  Although it is hard when you are in a world that you can't seem to find people who are.


The reason why I brought up this subject here.  I need to hear other peoples views.  It is my release of frustration.  So far the responses have been very good for me. And for that I thank you.

Thanks Nova; that was quite a bit of release there. I hear you and apologize for any words I didn’t realize, and do have a lot of respect for the LOA. There are good friends I’ve been talking to, getting the frustrations out and moving forward.

Awe Dan, no apology needed.  I tend to get long winded at times.  I really do agree with much of your post.  A lot of what we talk about or believe in, within the different spiritual groups can and does find itself twisted and misunderstood even in the best intentions.  Such as this idea of Suicide being some sort of path to enlightenment. 


I think the world needs more of us who listen to be a compassionate ear, is greatly needed now.  And you doing so with your friends.. is a truly wonderful thing. :)

Hi Michael, thank you for sharing your experience and I am happy you are here with us.  Yes I really do agree, that a survivor can grow from the experience and it does help improve your outlook and even lead to enlightenment.. after they realize, there is a reason to live.  that is not what what I am disputing at all.  I am saying and thinking... out loud... that no one should encourage suicide as a path to enlightenment.  That is my concern.


Let's say someone comes to our site, looking for answers and help because they are feeling these tendencies, what would happen if they come across someone saying that to kill themselves is a path to enlightenment? 


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