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Namste!  Om Namah Shivay.  I salute to the Shiva in you all.

I am on my spiritual path and I try to give it the top most priority in my life, but mark my word "try".  I am not able to consistently keep it right up there, my worldly goals and aspirations take over at times and I am indebted to Maa Kaali that she brings me back.

But then when I think of it, isn't the desire for spiritual growth, desire after all?

Would it not have all the side effects that come with other desires?

I have lived all over the world, I have developed and prosperous countries like USA, Denmark, UK etc. and then I have lived in Indonesia, Colombia and India (my birthplace).  I feel that desire for materialist goals is same everywhere and but from my personal experience I feel that it is easier to pursue spiritual goals in developed countries as your basic living conditions are comfortable and you end up not having to worry about daily struggle.  On the flip side, in the third world (pardon me using the term), there is more spiritual energies getting congregated and it is easier to seek divinity, those of you who have visited and lived in Rishikesh will know what I mean by this. (p.s. it's my most favourite place in the world and then comes New York!).

From my personal experience, I feel that I have reached a stage in my life where I have enough spiritual "raw material" collected, now I need comfort of the prosperous Western world to start building "the project" without getting pulled away for getting comfort in life (basic that is).  I wouldn't have said the same to me who was living in New York 15 years back, he didn't have the raw material at that point.

Thanks for taking time to read my views.  I would love to hear from you.

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Yes that's true! Its a different matter working on our spiritual path while trying to manage in the world. When we are comfortable its physically easier to focus -if not mentally?

Mind you haven't many suffering people found their spiritual path while in severe need?

I supposeits a double edged sword having plenty?

Great pozst - food for thoughtx

Yes.. in fact my own desire for spirituality was at the max when I was going through the most difficult time in my life. I call that phase as the "seeking" phase and then I found my guru, my path.  Now I am in the phase where I feel distracted by actions to get wordy comfort, the suffering is gone yet I really hope to go on autopilot in my life so that I devote myself to spiritual goals.

Thanks for your kind feedback and input.

We are all projects in motion, collecting all the info, and sorting them out later in life.  The me back then would have never believed what the me now does.  And yes, it's easier to figure out when bills are paid, and you have a roof over your head and food on the table.

Dear Ashish, desire is part of our life and there is nothing wrong with it, we desire the spiritual life because we are spirits incarnated, but since we are incarnated, we must also desire the things of this World, since we are here on a mission, the most important desire should be to find out why we are here for and what is our mission and try to fulfil it.

In other words, find your dharma and proceed to fulfill it.

Sometimes it takes us to find things out a long time, and sometimes we do it very early. 

But whatever the path we take, is what it was meant for us.

We do not need to be spiritual, we already are. We are wise beyond all of our own knowledge, what we really need is to find ourselves.

When we do that, there is no attachment to the illusions of the World, any more, so no need to fight to get there. 

Go withn, and know that no matter where you go and wherever you are, you are still yourself, and no one else.

And you are Divine, regardless of circumstances and desires and what nots!


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