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I am at impasse with my spells need help people who done them anyone has does them. Please have them come from my intuition now just need help getting the love of my life I helped others need help myself dracula

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Honey, doing love spells is dangerous.....you would be forcing someone to be with you.  You would never know if they stayed out of love or a spell.  Plus, there's the whole karma baggage.  Why is your love gone, why did she leave?    


i might be leaving here my mentor amanda told me give up internet covens i was told this was non judgemental place thats a judgement appreciate the feedback but my intuition telling me to cast them I will cast them

This site is not a coven, there you are mistaken.

I am not sure about spells but I've found this place to be quite relaxing and nice.. 

I have been attacked for using love spells tired of it. Magic changes reality gets our wishes fulfilled or why even be a witch or use magic just very touchy subject with me. I respect you you respect me. You attack me I attack back

that's how I roll now just tired of arrogant asses now

why did you ask for romance(love )spells if you already know, you shouldn't use them?

I don't think anyone here is attaching you but rather stating their point of view.  Love magic and spells is controversial (for some) and without taking a side here Linda does make a good point however if you are aware of the possible repercussions than I say it's your business and I wish you luck.  People will always have an opinion but it's when we cannot express it that it becomes the real problem - Temple is a great place for diverse ideas and opinions.  

I was attacked couple days ago another sight admin didn't address that why I am touchy if people came across like you guys I do respectfully disagree I would be better thank you for understanding Rick

linda I am going to use them appreciate the concern. My intuition and heart tarot reading telling to cast them I will. Change the subject done If anyone needs healing and protection or luck spell cast good at those too:) no hard feelings here I am willing to help

i have Wicca priestess Amanda mentoring me and I burn sage before the spell burn banish negative energy candle also carry black onyx black tourmaline tigers eye and rock quartz to amplify the protection I am good :) she told that ea enpugh protectoonwas


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