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Hi everybody,

Wanted to post here as I am taking a class online in regards to psychic development.  I am greatly surprised as it's one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.  I used to be a skeptic and unbeliever in psi phenomena and the third eye until I had a transformational experience at the age of 29.  I was hit by contact with what was probably the spirit of souls whose lives had been taken. The vision I got was corroborated by others.  Totally stunned, this began my journey with these phenomena.  Over the years, I would get information, but it was hit or miss-every couple of months.  It would come in various forms-usually clairvoyance.  I knew prior to my aunt's cancer diagnosis that she had a tumor because I saw it on her body.  Two weeks later I got a call saying that she had a mass right where I'd seen it.  

I was never able to make sense of any of this.  For years, I made one bad decision after the other because I ignored my visions and senses.  It would lay dormant for a while then hit again.  The information was almost useless because I was helpless to assist anyone with the info I would get.  People were either already dead...or as in the case of my aunt...I knew what was to happen but it went ahead and happened anyway.  What was the point?

In the past couple of years, perhaps it's middle age or the change of hormones...I don't know...the info is constant and relentless.  Clairvoyance, clairgustance, clairsentience, precognition, telepathy, just never seems to end.  Like I'm straddling two worlds at once.  I'm absolutely blown away by the woman who is leading our class.  With her practice, I am finally able to focus and use my abilities.  The difference is profound.  I used to have no control.  During our practice sessions, the clairvoyance was so powerful, that my answers were accurate beyond what I would have expected.  I saw the inside of her home, her car, colors that she sent to us telepathically; it was so clear that it was like it was in front of me.  She would give names and even before we started I knew all kinds of information.  During our practice session with a partner this week, I think I blew away my partner.  Apparently she had given me the name of her son and I'd described him to a T.  She was totally amazed and so was I.

I think that some people help the police and things like this.  I'm not sure I'd be open to  this; it seems scary, but at least I can put my info to good use now.  Working with someone who is seasoned is a major help.  I feel a sense of freedom that I didn't have before; the confusion was too much.

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