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Moonstone is a magickal crystal, which is the stone of the High Priestess, the keeper of the Mysteries.

Moonstone is a talisman for the inner journey, which takes one deep within , into the realms of the inner self, where past lives are revealed and the future made clearer.

It has been used for all time by women, to unlock their innate feminine powers and connect more closely with the Great Goddess; and by men, to allow for the expression of their feminine side, which is an important step in reconnecting with the Goddess within and without and returning to wholeness.

When we journey along the inner path , it is the lost fragments of our souls that are rediscovered on the way. All of these pieces are gathered together and made whole again, and moonstone can really help us in this process of inner rediscovery.

Moonstone is used by us to initiate the Kundalini , as it activates both the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and the central channel of cosmic energy we call Goddess Kundalini

To again live with the current of the tides and reconnect with the Lunar cycles, use moonstone. The reason why moonstone helps us to do this, is that the stone embodies the energies of Mother Moon.

Now Mother Moon and Mother Earth enjoy a synergy, a loving and harmonious relationship of give and take, wax and wane ` one could say, a magnetic attraction of ever increasing and decreasing cycles, of highs and lows ` and reintroduces Patience.

Holding a moonstone in meditation assists tremendously to calm things down to a panic and then allows me to realise how pointless that impatience actually is.The Goddess decides when, and the Divine cannot be rushed into anything. Moonstone also helps me to stimulate the right side of my brain, the intuitive, creative, watery side, and calms the flames of passion down to a comfortable flickering.

Each and every cycle we experience, is added to the total, and it is nice to sometimes reflect on all of the boundary stones we have reached thus far in our journey; and also to understand in real humility that the infinite sea still lies before us. Everything has a cycle, a conception, a beginning, a journey through the stages of youth, maturity and elder wisdom, decline, death, rejuvenation, and re-conception in another form.Every Lunar cycle is an example , and one can see exactly how our own energies are needing to be in tune with Luna, to enable a great and successful lifetime.

By synchronising our activities, lets say, when we want to plan, begin and conduct and complete any worthwhile project successfully, we would then naturally and literally "go by the Moon", in so doing, preparing correctly, planning, starting it when the timing is just right, and ensuring that it matures perfectly, before harvesting the rewards.


Goddess people are intuitive, and psychic abilities do not have to be attained, they must just be developed. Guidance from our higher spirits comes in the way of telepathic and non-linear ways of communication ~ so it is always a good thing to have a white one handy at full moon, to open the third eye, activate the Kundalini, especially in women; and reaching a state of emotional balance, or returning to it. Use a rainbow moonstone to communicate with devas from the plant kingdoms as well as to facilitate communication with galactic beings and nature spirits.

A cat's eye moonstone helps one to retain that elusive sense of clarity in the mind's eye, when in an altered state of consciousness, such as when daydreaming about last summer's Midsummer's celebrations and slipping off to the side into another realm, for example, and when you need to remember what you saw and experienced;).... It is an excellent stone to use when seeking the balance between the Yin and the Yang energies within oneself.

I use moonstone when achieving my own personal negative-negative balance and need emotional reassurance that my path is the right one for me, and helps me to remain true to myself , despite the pressures which others continually tend to try and impose on my way with a view to making my waking dream conform to theirs. Peach coloured moonstone is the best for the heart and enabling sensitives the chance to be themselves, even in a challenging environment.

The Grey moonstone is the stone for the New Moon, when the secrets are revealed within the warm darkness of the time between phases ~ the time of the Harlot Goddess, when our deepest potential awaits in all things to be yet created.

We will chat about other sacred stones used by Goddess people as time unravels, and until then,

May the Goddess bless you and your moon stones!

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My pleasure, too, Janet ` which other stones do you use?

I have a moonstone sphere, it glows in the moonlight :)

I've had some great meditations with moonstone.  A personal favorite, so magical.  :-)

Hi, Janet and Molly!

Rose quartz is also one of my very favourite stones to work with, as well as Moldavite. Other meteorites also harmonise with me well. 

Obsidian is very useful for deflecting harmful energies and for scrying. And I find that moldavite charges all other crystals.

Moldavite is actually the remains of a giant meteor  which landed in Czechoslovakia. The force of the impact was estimated at six trillion megatons, which was more than enough to obliterate all things on the planet surface as well as cause a reversal of the earth's magnetic poles. The moldavite was propelled so deep into the earth that it reached the planet core where it blends with the molten iron and generates the magnetic shield which prevents the solar rays from reaching our planet's surface directly.This thin shield is our only protection against solar flares and the wildly fluctuating storms which rage around the third rock from the sun, our Earth.

The puzzling climatic and environmental changes that are occurring worldwide are symptoms of the shield weakening in strength.

Over the past hundred years or so, the strength of the magnetic shield has decreased by over 20%, and possibly more. This coincides with the rapid degradation and pollution of the environment ` a case of As Above, So Below? How can we as active participants in this very real war for Mother Nature, make a difference, which will help in returning things to the way they used to be?

As we all exist within the Earth's magnetic field, the same magnetism is within everyone. And of course all of the planets in our solar system have magnetism which affects Earth and everything that lives here.. Now, I am beginning to understand Astrology better :)

The actual form and shape of the magnetic field which protects all life on Earth from extinction.

Spider Grandmother ~ the Hopi peoples have a legend which tells of spider woman, who steals the power of the sun .

The equal armed cross is common to all ancient civilizations as the symbol of the Earth.

The Native Americans knew about the shape of the earth's magnetic field, long before the advent of instruments in our so-called modern era; and symbolised this ancient wisdom in tales of the beautiful Spider-Woman, immortalised in folktales as Spider Grandmother.


"Venus and Spider Woman."

Spider Mother needs our help, to maintain the integrity of the web ~ Blessed Be, and power to you!


I can't choose, and thankfully don't have to! None of them belongs to me anyhow :) BB


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