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Lilith in the book: Inanna queen of heaven and earth by diane wolkstein and s.n. kramer

finally found the book that alluded me for so long. and read the pages concerning Inanna and the huluppu tree. and Lilith the dark maid dwelling there. the writers of the book, saw inanna as representing the feminine conscious overcoming the darker side of the feminine mind as well as archetypal fears.
other scholars gave it a grander theory that it represents  the human psyche moving from the hunter/gather to being part of a community.
however i noticed a parallel to this story and that of the tree   in the garden of eden in genesis chapter 3.
in part of the zohar it refers to Lilith being identified with the serpent in the tree of knowledge of good and evil. in the summerian text it refers to the serpent. but it was a separate entity from Lilith. i believe the two were later combined by the jewish rabbis to further darkened Lilith's nature.
however some Kabbalists especially those of Spain  saw Lilith as rungs of the ladder of prophecy. 
although  in the text of this book refers to her as a dark maid. she is refered  in another text as the hand of inanna ( i hope to find this one day). i see her as a dark aspect of Inanna. the sheer sexuality of her.
this i believe is commented in another thread. and i hope it's author accepts this as  an additional note to their thread.  a commentary. namaste!

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Hi, Richard:)

This is a favourite topic of mine, just right now haven't got time to give it credit and share some of my views on the Huluppu Tree ~ Inanna and Lilith ~ will be popping in tomorrow, though and thanks for posting this !


you're welcome. blessings!

Richard, I am posting an article on the Huluppu Tree as a starting point , and will be back to add some other musings on Inanna and Her Dark Sister Goddess, Lilith sometime soonest ~ Blessed Be, your new friend, Zu aka Xena

i saw it Zu. forgot there are tree legends in every culture. thanks for reminding me.

Yes, Lilith has always been closely associated with Trees. There are several reasons for this close relationship ~ Lilith and Inanna are different faces, or aspects of the Great Goddess, and even Jewish texts refer to Lilith as "The Right hand of Inanna". This indicates the symbiosis of the two Divine Sisters.

Inanna, also known as  Ishtar and Lady Asherah, was traditionally venerated within sacred groves of Trees, planted specifically for their magickal properties in a circular layout.

Other Goddesses such as Al'Uzza, the Arabian Venus, were also worshipped in such places, although Acacia trees were identified specifically with the Arabic Goddess of Love and Death.

So, Trees, as living beings with Spirit , host many Nature spirits, and some can even be a Goddess.

This is why Nature -based Pagans still practice Tree Worship; and it is for this reason that the medieval Jews and Christians went to great pains to chop all the sacred groves to the ground, and why to this day, as orthodox Jews believe that Lilith is in every Tree, they will not plant any trees in their own gardens. 

The Quabalistic Tree of Life is Lilith's Tree ~ but many have overlaid the tree with patriarchal value systems and deities. Well, live and let live, but it will always be Lilith's Tree.

The felling of the Huluppu is symbolic of the domination of mankind and his new religions over Nature Spirituality and Goddess. More on this soonest :)

it's funny that you mention Al'Uzza, she has three  other sisters. one is Allat. and she is associated with the moon. the other is Al,Monad. she  influences  time and fate. there is another called Al Laylah. she is Lilith herself.

Ah, my friend ! Please join me at the Triple Goddess group ~ i am planning a discussion all about the Arabian Triple Goddess. I would be honoured to have you with us ` the group is all about the Goddess of Twenty Thousand Names, and all are welcome in Love.

Layla, or Leila, is one of the Names of Lilith. The Name Layla means "Night" or "Night Spirit" in Arabic ~ She is also known as The Desert Rose and the Breath of Life.

Here's a portrayal of the Arabic Triple Goddess, Al'Uzza, the Maiden, Virgin Goddess with the Morning and Evening Star and the Acacia and Caracal , Her sacred animal ` Al'lat, whose Name means simply "Female God, or Mother Goddess ~ like Amaterasu, She has a Solar nature as well ~ and Ma'nat, The venerable Crone Goddess of Darkness and the Waning Moon.

Layla is all and one of the Goddesses.

thankyou. i shall join. Lilith/Laylah i feel is for me the one on the left.


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