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✿Janetॐ's discussion: The Pleiadians – The Game, the Codes, and the Master Numbers

Posted by ✿Janetॐ on June 15, 2016 at 12:28pm in PLEIADIANS

We are here for the game, the codes, and the master numbers.

It is part of our karma to deal with Earth at this time, for what we set into motion is what we must dance with.

Our ancestors created events that presently stifle our development on the Pleiades, and, as Pleiadians, we are seeking to discover the solutions to this grand dilemma, a predicament that you share with us.

Our civilization, in a future from where you are, is in peril, so we have been impulsed to go on a journey to find a solution to what has been chasing us.

We are in your future and, in order to discover what is going on, we went further into our future to meet our teachers, the Keepers of Existence, who can also be called the Keepers of Time.

As they taught us how to traverse the various sectors of time. As they taught us how to traverse the various sectors of time, we were enticed to journey back in time to discover where events were stored and locked away. We examined where storms were brewing that were affecting our past, as we were viewing it from the future of our future and, as we view it from now, from your moment of reality.

Our ancestors came from a universe that had completed itself and understood universally that it was Prime Creator, as the journey of Prime Creator in time. They came from a universe that had discovered its essence- creativity.

By discovering that essence, they found out that they were the creators. They came into the Pleiades because that star system would someday be able to help you at a most challenging time, a time when you would be ready to reconnect with Prime Creator.

Our ancestors were some of the original Planners of Earth, orchestrators who seeded worlds and civilizations with light and information through creativity and love. Our ancestors are also your ancestors. They gave their DNA to the original Planners, and this DNA became part of the DNA of the human species.

The plan was to create an intergalactic exchange center of information within your planet, Earth.

It was an extraordinary plan, involving a beautiful place, for Earth is located on the fringe of our galactic system and is easily reached from other galaxies. Earth exists close to many way-portals, the highways that exist for energies to travel throughout your space zone.

Many of you may have the feeling that you have done this before. You have. This is your multidimensional memory of when you have gone to other systems and done the same thing. It is a very familiar process because, characteristically, as members of the Family of Light, this is what you do. You inform systems. You go in and reconstruct realities, and you are experts at it.

You lost your memory of the process because you came here to operate under the same laws as everyone else. Therefore, you came in as human with your memory completely erased.

You knew before you arrived that losing your memory was part of the process, and you specifically picked the moment of time and the parentage that would give you the best connection to energetically and genetically bring about your purpose.

When you incarnated into the Earth plane, you received certain matched and paired recessive genes holding light codes that gave you the highest opportunity to develop psychic and intuitive abilities. In addition, these genes carried some memory that separated you from others, even though you could not name it. With these powers and talents, it has been your task to build on your life and allow the momentum to lead you into something different than most humans.

As an extensive mutation occurs on the inside of humans, also stimulated from the outside by those who are assisting you in this genetic upliftment, you must act and integrate what is awakening within you.

Let us give you a scenario here. Picture yourself as a member of the Family of Light, not looking anything like you look right now. Click into your cosmic identity. You are in a classroom, and an instructor is speaking to you, giving you the highlights of the assignment of returning to Earth to become part of the system in order to change it.

You are very much at the top of your profession; you believe yourself to be an impeccable systems buster.

In this class, you are in great humor because the professor is explaining something to you:
“When you go down to Earth, believe it or not, you are going to need to have us come and instruct you because you won’t remember any of this.”
And all of you systems busters laugh because you know that, as cool as you are now, once you submerge yourself, you will not remember this classroom.

The professor says, “Watch this. We will show you pictures. See, there we are coming through a vehicle, and there you are in your human disguise, and you act as if you don’t know what is going on, This is part of your assignment.” You are briefed on all of this, you understand?

In that classroom you were coded to respond to us as Pleiadeans, and to many others. As you open to your greater identity, be receptive and willing to go beyond your boundaries, because this is what we are striving for.

We, as Pleiadeans, are a Game Master experiment.

The Game Masters are formless, and yet they can overlay themselves and infuse themselves in many different shapes. The movies 2001 and 2010 revealed the idea of the Game Master, showing behind-the-scenes influences on certain life forms. That is a good analogy; however, don’t hang your hat on it.

The Game Masters are unbounded, formless, shape shifters. They can take any form they choose, for they move between and beyond sound and geometry. The Game Masters create in their minds the entire blueprints for cultures, and then they open portals to literally insert cultures into the Earth plane. Then they allow these cultures to develop and grow, to seed and influence other times.

On Earth at this time, there are sacred sites and cultures that you think are lost and that you will never be in contact with again. During the great awakening and shift in consciousness, these cultures will come alive and will all operate simultaneously because their blueprints will be recalled and magnetized back onto this opening multidimensional plane.

The Game Masters come up with blueprints for civilizations. Now, here is the tricky part.

When Game Masters create a particular blueprint for a civilization, it has many versions of itself and is expressed on many worlds and in many realities. Part of the Game Masters’ task is to juggle all of these realities at once and to learn from every single version of that blueprint. It is like making capes.

A tailor makes on cape and gets the idea to make hundreds of other variations of the cape to suit everyone’s needs and to suit a necessary essence of the cape itself. That is how the Game Masters work. So, when Game Masters create a blueprint, a language, and a method to transducer it onto the planet, the blueprints is not simply anchored into one realm. It is anchored into many realms.

The codes and master numbers we seek are geometric formulas and combinations of intelligence stored within the human. The human, of course, is an integral part of the design for the Living Library. Each creation in the Living Library has its purpose and has a great amount of data stored in it. Inside the human body are formulas to replicate other forms of intelligence throughout your universe. Feel that out. Inside the evolved twelve-stranded human are formulas to create life for other forms of intelligence in this universe.

When they designed Earth, other forms of intelligence were able to grasp the reason for Earth’s creation. They understood that perhaps their own civilizations might one day be annihilated, and they did not want to lose them entirely.

So, libraries were built throughout existence, and each was filled with specific data. All forms of intelligence that made the libraries valued their identities and valued their civilizations. They understood how their civilizations were constructed. They valued life.

In some way or another, the Game Masters had to find different ways to gain back Earth and reteach the value of life. So, over periods of time, the Game Masters conceptualized entire civilizations, imagining them down to the most minute detail. Then they seeded and implanted these civilizations on Earth by bringing the inhabitants from the stars. This was done after these beings were honed to fit the genetic line of humans.

Expand your concept of existence and imagine this. For an occupation, Game Masters orchestrate realities and then insert these realities as life forms onto different planets. Game Masters get together, like you would for a game of cars or racquetball, only their game involves creating civilizations.

They alter and change worlds by allowing variations within civilizations to enter into the realization they orchestrate.

Earth-Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

by Barbara Marciniak

Source Link

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