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INTRODUCTION, Psycho-Pharmacology, How Crazy Do We Have To Be?

Dear Temple Illuminati friends and family,

The following message defines a general outline for this discussion subject in our recent proposal to Leila...


Hi sweetie!

We applaud your introduction of your beliefs in the group now being moderated by our gifted sister Temple Crone... (what happened to Bliss?)

You prove to us just how much you are our sister at every turn... <smile>

We still owe you a reply there; we will get around to it, as we owe a reply to TC and to the group as well as to ourselves and to you.


A recent chat with <a member> upset <this member> somewhat, but what we ask you now may upset them even more if they are afraid to explore the potential truths we hope to reveal.

Many people will most likely object, perhaps raucously, to which we can only say, Please! Bring it on!

Some people may come to regard us as a Super-Troll if we proceed with this, not because of our bad manners, but because we all too likely will inspire trollish vindictive replies from many people if they cannot mitigate their reactions when responding to what we believe we must share with anyone who may be in need of help with drugs.

We would like you to open a new subject area for us, one dedicated to drugs of all kinds, legal and not-so-legal, anything with psychopharmeceutical properties.

Discussions may be expected to fall loosely into something along the following lines:

Your Doctors' Drugs for You.

This should be moderated as a neutrally opinioned discussion of all forms of psychopharmeceuticals and experiences with them. 

Many people feel deeply stigmatized that they depend on one or more of these drugs, we hope to help them feel less stigmatized.

While many people are actively helped with the drugs marketed by the pharmaceutical industries and peddled through licensed doctor/dealers, many more are hurt by these drugs as well, so voices on both sides of this topic need a forum in which to be heard and to be understood so that those in each camp support each other rather than  appearing threatened by each other.


--- We MUST put up a legal notice stating the goals of each forum discussion that limits liability, we can agree to moderate these discussions in a neutral manner that cautions people about the dangers of exploring these things, but anyone already lost in their explorations with drugs needs help, we are a veteran of nearly everything we will introduce.

Perhaps you are already prepared wit these sorts of notices, or guidelines to observe when drafting them? ---


Uppers, Downers, Sliders, and Bummers...

A frank discussion of many popular psychopharmeceuticals used for recreational purposes.

This discussion may evolve into a support group for those who may have had problems with such things.  (Sliders induce dissociative states that are relatively neutral regarding agitation or agitation supression properties.)


Peace, Love, and Microdots...

An exploration of Hippie cultures and the drugs they love, focusing on Marijauna, LSD, Mushrooms and other Hallucinogenics.

A parallel disuccion topic should be:


Your Hallucinating Mind, Why All People Hallucinate

Most people are unaware <they are> hallucinating, if they knew this it might frighten them.  More frightening to them may be the reality proven by cognitive sciences that all people hallucinate all the time; you have to be something close to a Zen Master to stop hallucinating.

This topic will introduce current cognitive theory and how all people mitigate the direct messages of their senses with their minds, translating their experiences into the private worlds of their personal beliefs and expectations.

This discussion topic would include explanations of the day-to-day homeostatic mechanics of hallucination and how these are affected by using hallucinogenics.

The Cutting Edge of Drugs...

An investigation of the 'powder' drugs, cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin...


Hot Topics! <smile>

You bet! but controversy can be far more valuable than quiet fear...

Please name this new Subject area: Psycho-Pharmacology, How Crazy Do You Have To Be?

Thank you sweetie,

love you lots too!


We are a veteran of mental hospitals, with a nine month stay in 78-79 and a 6 week visit in 2005.

We have worked with patients rights groups as an activist for mental health care reform.

If we could put up with academia we could already have a degree in psychology, we taught psychology and sociology in high school when we were 17 years old...

We have missed out on some recent new drugs, but we've used a wide spectrum of anti-depressants, several anti-psychotics, as well as most of the popular 'recreational' drugs from the 70's and 80's, and one or two more trendy things like xtc or ketamine.

The only drug we are relatively unfmaliar with that is in common use is heroin, however we are familiar with morphine.

We've avoided many pills after trying Thorazine, Quaaludes, and a variety of uppers and downers briefly, many of these simply do not work for us or work in very unexpected ways.

For instance, thorazine energizes us as if it were methamphetamine...

Vicodin and all codein analogues have a nearly consistent side effect of keeping us awake 30 hours or more... We had to quit using these for pain management.

We stick close to the letter of the law these days in respect for our roomates, neither of whom are habituated to the use of recreational drugs.

Unless, of course, we include carbohydrates as a recreational drug, carbohydrates may be more addictive to us than tobacco.

Mmm yes tobacco, now there will be another great discussion topic for this subject area...


Both Carbohydrates and Dieting, and Nic at Night discussions will be needed in this group...

Carbohydrates are definitely a psycho-pharmeceutical as they play roles in many people's sleep habits, binging or fasting disorders, and depressions.

Nic at Night is a Hippie tradition popular at Rainbow Gahterings a sort of Nicotene mutual benefit association open to anyone willing to donate tobacco or in need of tobacco.

Our spirit guide told us to start smoking again after we had quit for 20 years; his advise was worth following, very carefully...

Another of our spirit guides is our good friend Timothy Leary, our mentor and an expert psychopharmacologist...


Blessed be...




Are you familiar with e-prime?  that would make another a very good subject area if we dress it up properly in a Temple gown...

This subject would be about learning to mitigate communication barriers created by 'trollish' behaviors perhaps Trolls and E-Prime, Liberation From Reactive Conditioning... 

This might include a discussion on Universal Truth, What Is Truth Really?




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