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Interesting concept two selves but most live with two selves everyday. We have the diluted version of ourselves that the world sees everyday, then we have the deeper, intense us that we keep undiscovered.

Why do we do this?

Fear... That fear of people seeing that person and not really getting them, not really able to relate or understand where they are coming from so we remain diluted, shallower and empty. Our fear, leaves us stunted and not able to grow.

The conversations we have are great, but lacking something, we talk about the mundane things in life, but leave the talk unfulfilled because there is more we have to say, more to express but we leave it hanging.

The thing is, you cant live like that, you have to be authentically you or you shrivel up and whither away then you forget who you are, what makes you tick what spurs our passion for life...


Its time to blend the two, let more of the inner self out into daily life, let your full passions out and express your full intensity outward. Your personality, your spirituality your life essence.. So what if the others dont get you or understand you, thats their problem not yours, dont take it personally its just how it is sometimes.

When you let your true self shine out and let your vibration flow, when those others leave you the right people will flow to you. ( your vibe creates your tribe. Im not saying you have to go through life in a permanent state of nirvana, thats something I could never resonate with. Unless your are a monk cut off from the world, its impossible. Life is messy, things happen and you get hurt, angry, upset and confused sometimes and no spirituality has a right to tell you not to feel that way and your feelings aren't valid. They are valid because they are yours and you feel them.

I know its scary showing yourself, but once you do you will feel sooo exhilarated because you are fully beautifully you and people with love you for it, because you love you for it .. And rightly so you are perfect just the way you are.

Many blessings

Emili xxxx

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Beautifully written, Linda.  Who among us has not experienced the inner striving for control between the superficial self we acquire to ease our way through our inherited world and the yearning for full, authentic expression sung by our hearts?

I know I have.  And as far as I have come, often enough the fear-based portion of my emotional infrastructure wins out.  And so, my pledge - to be at least a little more authentic tomorrow than I was today, and to renew that pledge every day thereafter. 

Thank you for sharing your insight here. 




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