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 Also, the " Avatars, Divider Bars, and Text Box Graphics" are all optional. You can use these if you choose to but they are not a must for the CSS Background Code to work...


  Make sure you copy all the code in the scrolling box, even any code that is above.....


Start Code


If you miss any of the code it won't work right.... No background will show up after you click on save.





1. (1)The Code for each theme is located in the text box on each Custom Profile Page... (example below) (2) Each code is placed in a scrolling text box.



2 . (1) Highlight the code from beginning to end, then right click in a blank area on the page to bring up the following menu..... (2) Then click on




 3. Once you have your code copied, go back to your profile page and click on "My Page"...




4. After you click on "My Page" another page will come up. On this page  click on "Appearances".  Click the word "Appearances"  where the arrow is pointing below.....



5. When the next page comes up click on "Advanced"....




6. After you click on "Advanced",  this page will come up... this one is where your CSS code is.




 7. Once you have the page open that has your CSS code on it.....

Right click on a blank area to bring up the same menu in step 3 and click on "Select All" once the code that's in the box is highlighted click on
the "Delete" key on your keyboard to remove the old code. Make sure
all the previous code is gone and the box is empty.




8. Now go back to your blank code box and  "Right Click" to bring up the following menu.... Click On




9.Your new code should now be in the code box. Once its in there, click on "Save"....



 Once you click on Save, you should then see your new profile theme on your page.... If it your theme don't show it immediately, give it a few minutes, the Ning

servers could be busy.



NOTE>>>> If The Above didn't work.......


1.  Re-copy  the new code  code to make sure it was copied correctly. Makr sure all the characters in the code were highlighted
and copied.


2.  Make sure all the existing  code is removed from the "Advanced CSS Code Box" BEFORE pasting your new code there.


3.  And don't forget to click "Save" after pasting your new code!


4.  If there is a photobucket graphic on your theme there may be

a broken link within the code which will cause the code not to work properly. Let the creator of you theme know so they can correct the broken links in their code.


 1. FIRST CLICK ON "My Page"...



 2. One the next page that comes up click on " Appearance"...



4. "All Options" will then open to show all the available choices...



5. (1)Next you will click on the one marked "Icon". (2)When you do a drop down color picker will appear. (3)Here you can choose a color to match your

profile colors or (4) enter a color code... (example #b168b1) (5) once your
done click ok.

6. Change the colors for these the same as in step"5". To Change the Google Ad Colors (1) click one the one marked "Body" (2) then the one marked
"Links" (3) then the one marked "Module" (module will
change the back ground color of the Google Ad Box. (4) these will change the
colors for your Music Player. When done click on (5)"Save".


Note....When using A CSS Code for your profile background,these are the only ones you can change in the "All
Options" section. Everything else has to be changed within the CSS Code itself.

 (Image 17)



Color Cop... a very small program that sits on your desk top that can be used to grab the color code from any page , or graphic you have pulled up on your screen.
Its a very handy little tool, especially useful when trying to match font
colors to background graphics.

Set Up Download Attached Below......


1. (1) right click and hold, hover dropper over any place on any image you want to get the color code to.

(2) the code will appear in this box

 (Image... Color Cop)


2. Write this code down....

 (Image 37)


3.Then go to "All Options" using the steps for (HOW TO CHANGE YOUR ICON & GOOGLE AD COLORS )


Highlight the code thats in the box and delete it....

 (Image40 )


4. Now (1) type in your new code (2) new color will show up (3) click ok.....

 (Image42 )


ALL DONE!!! : )


LINK: http://wetstags.ning.com/forum/topics/how-to-install-your-theme-on#...

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Wow ..how confusing for us illiterate folks..lol..But I did it and now I have a pretty purple flowers page..thanks so much for the help Rosey and pretty page Mystical.


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