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I have been having quite a few days, with energy surges coursing through me.  I come to find out, I apparently am not alone in these feelings as I traverse through the different communities I visit.  Everyone that feels it is reacting differently from these energies.  From complete chaos... aka me.. to pure bliss and everywhere somewhere in between.


These energies are thought to be generated by the activity of the sun.  Yes Solar Flares and solar winds... some hitting earth while most moving away, but there is some other energy that hasn't been identified as of yet that seems to be affecting all of us.  Some are saying its energy coming in from the Galactic center bathing our system in light energies.  Regardless of where it came from, I'm feeling it.


I've gone nuts for several days.  I still feel it and I wonder if it will ever let up.  But that's besides the point.  I know now I can handle it. :)  Whew!  What a relief.


I wonder if you are feeling different, charged, unusual...  How are you feeling?  Are you charged?  Are you feeling like you can accomplish great feats?  Or are you just trying to manage your own energies once again? 


How do you feel?  Let me know.


Much love


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hmm.. me thinks something is happening to you!  I am getting so many different reports of how people are feeling at this time during the event.  Some people are saying they are so exhausted they sleep a lot.  While other are not feeling chaos but a sharpening of their senses.  So who knows!  We all are different.  So we all will respond different :)


I have found that some people are more sensative to the activities of the cosmos. My father and I are vry sensative to it as well, at time not knowing why we feel "out of wack"

So be assurred that you are not the only one, and yes t times it is worse than others and different things will affect people differently. Like when Mercury is in retrogarde its like my brain goes on over drive and I really have a hard time slowing down.



Out of whack is a great word.. because that is what I felt for a few days.  Thanks for letting me know.. I'm not the only one :)

we are currently moving closer to alignment with the great central sun. The energy shifts we are feeling are yes partly affected by the solar flares, but one must also consider why are these solar flares happening. Each solar flare releases an electromagnetic pulse and each one of these pulses affect the earths magnetic field like two opposing magnets, this in turn affects us on an individual basis as we are all connected within the earths grid.

Experiences such as hightened states of awareness, sleeplessness, excitement, buzzing feeling like your climbing the walls, these are all elevated vibrational states and will continue to affect you until your body aligns with the new frequency.

Now you can help yourself by voluntarily forcing these vibrational frequencies to elevate your state before the solar charge so that you actually are affected without the need to climb a wall or two.

Alignment back to the great central sun hails the arrival of our full awakening to universal consciousness.

it is not only a mental process but a physical one too.

I was told late october that we are experiencing the Khundehlini Rising and was I ready for the ride, and no I guess I was not. As the first time it happened I thought I had just entered the Vortex of Insanity as nothing I had ever experienced before came close to the effect this was having on my physical and mental state.

So I know the next shift was happening between the 20th Feb and 28th Feb so I began to work on moving that energy and as I prepared i found that I had only mild symptoms.

So the next one is Between march 4 and 19th so understand that this is a process and to understand the physical aspects of what your body is going through is a must.

I hope that this has explained at least some of it.

Much Love to All




haha.. Turukai, I think I climbed six of those walls in the past few days!  It helps.  Thanks for sharing!

honestly, last week, I felt like there was a dark blanket over me, and this week so far, I don't really feel it any more, I do feel like there's more energy around too.

I think my reaction to this whole thing is that.. I'm late to the party... as usual. :/ hehe.  Lots of people said they have been feeling this for weeks and I was initially like.. wow.. cool guys.. but internally I was like.. I feel nuttin!  of course.. the last few days.. has changed my view on it all.  I guess.. better late than never...

Hello neighbor :)  The weather has been turning beautiful as of late.  The Gila Woodpeckers have been visiting my feeder as the sun baths down upon the land, warming its soul and waking the Occotillo cactus.  The air is mighty pretty when perfumed with citrus flowers.  Soon oh soon! I can't wait.


I'm so glad to hear that you have been feeling calm and your senses sharpened.  Not sure I would wish the energetic chaos I was feeling on anyone!  Although I am now enjoying all that I feel and hear much more that my energies have grounded once again.

yes,I get those nervous energy surges too, hit me out of the blue too sometimes.I believe it's the changing vibrations here.It is written that we are going to be "bumped up" one dimension level from 3rd Dimension to 4th,which of course exists on a different vibrational level,or Realm. Incoming Cosmic Magnetic Gravity Wave,a.k.a. the "Rapture".An ancient symbol for this "Wave" still exists in our modern times.The Chinese call it the "Yin/Yang" symbol. Find a pin-on button with it on the face and lay it on a tabletop,now spin it slowly.There you have it.The "Wave" as it rotates the Universe bringing change. The white represents Positive polarity,the Black,Negative polarity in the Universe.Remember,balance is important in all things.The "dots" represent "Man" w/corresponding colors,but opposite to the section of Universe he resides.The "dots" do not move,just as "Man" doesn't either,but the polarity of the section he resides in does.And that's what's supposed to be coming our way.The "Rapture" as the Christians call it.We now live in a Negative polarity World,and soon ,we will be in a Positive one.

But this is just my opinion,I am but a student myself.


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