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Hello everyone, after an extensive leave from TI, I've returned. I've "returned" a couple of times to TI after departures but haven't successfully maintained activity on TI because of personal issues. Recently, I returned to TI about a couple of months back, but then left. This was due to my dad's health, he was very sick, we've had to take him to the hospital quite a few times because of it. He had a major surgery done, we found out there was extensive problems inside of his stomach, problems that were caused when he was younger. His lower intestines were swollen to a size where they either moved all of his other function or squished them. The second time he went to the hospital we found out that he had diabetes, that his pancreas stopped working. Then we heard that he might of had cancer, they didn't know what type as of yet. The final time we took him to the hospital, he had a stroke, then we found out that he had Pancreatic Cancer, which is one of the fastest spreading cancers there are, they thought we could catch it in time, but by the time they checked to see how it was going, it was already in a stage where it wouldn't have done any good, it was already spreading throughout the Pancreas. He decided he didn't want to die in a hospital, he wanted to be home and comfortable. So we took him home and had hospus help us out. 

One day I went to my aunt's house for a while to try and relieve my stress. Then I get a call that my dad wasn't going to survive much longer, I had to get back to the house. I then wasn't suppose to stay, but I decided to stay and be there for my mom, the hardest part of watching your dad die, is the emotional toll, people say that when they die, they die they just go painlessly, but it didn't sound painless. I've been going through an emotional rollercoaster because of this, and some other personal details, that I really haven't done much but focus on my work.

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Welcome back, Gregory.

Greg, by the way, don't feel you have to stay away from us in your sorrow....we would have been here for you to vent and talk with.,.

We're here for you Lilly.  I've been there a time or two, myself.

Thank you Linda, it's just I'm horrible at talking about my feelings, even to my family. 

The physical body goes through pain, yes. And it's normal to cling to life.  JUst remember, the soul, during the last moments of horrible pain, detaches and then feels nothing.  So, during the worst of it, he felt nothing.  It's like childbirth really.  During the last horrible moments, your body doesn't really feel it.  

     Honey, your dad is still with you too.  You'll feel him with you when you need him.  My mum visits me quite regularly, and she passed over 20 years ago.  

     Do the prosaic everyday things, and time will pass.  You will feel the love, but with time the hurt will pass.

Hugs!!! xo

*Hugs* thank you Rosey.

Gregory bless you for being there for them. I was with my father in law when he passed and he went through so much before he was freed. I saw him 'go'. 

Also I totally get you needing to move back from things when you've had so much to deal with; I'm that way too. I vanish for months from friends and family with just the very odd heads up.

If you ever need space let us know and we'll make a note about it to preserve your profile? Ok?

Much love Els..

Welcome back Gregory.

Very Sorry to hear about your Dad. It's never easy. I just lost a young cousin (32) who was in hospice.....supposed to be easy but she fought hard to the very end. Too young to die.

May your mind find peace and settle soon.


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